Polymaker PolyBox™ Edition II
  • Polymaker PolyBox™ Edition II
  • Polymaker PolyBox™ Edition II

Polymaker PolyBox™ Edition Ⅱ

PolyBox™ is a 3D printing filament dry box designed to provide an optimised environment for storing hygroscopic materials such as PolySmooth™, PVA or Nylon. It is compatible with all 3D printers and can house two 1kg spools or one 3kg spool.

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Key Features: 

  • Print with two 1kg spools simultaneously perfectly suited to dual extrusion printing or use one 3kg spool for longer prints or industrial users

  • Built-in high precision thermo-hygrometer allows the user to monitor the humidity and temperature inside. The humidity can be maintained below 15% to prevent filament moisture absorption.

  • Reusable desiccant bags & Upgraded packing

  • Desiccant type: Silica gel

  • Desiccant specifications: 2*Desiccant sachets 100gSupported filament spools: 2 spools ≤ 52cm (width) or 1 spool ≤120cm (width)

  • Humidity range: 10-99% (±5%)

  • Resolution: 1%

  • Response: 10 seconds

  • Temperature range: -50-70 °C (±1°C)

  • Battery specifications: LR44

  • Product size: 315 x 190 x 310

  • Package sizes: 196 x 320 x 320 

  • Product weight (without desiccants and wires)s: 1.150kgs 

  • Package weight: 1.700kgs 

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