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Find accessories and upgrades to further enhance your 3D printing or scanning experience.

Accessories by Brand

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Peopoly Phenom Prime FEP Film

The FEP film from Phenom Prime has undergone rigorous testing with SLA printing. Use with the Phenom FEP Vat to reduce peel force.
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Snapmaker 2.0 Air Purifier

Team the Snapmaker Air Purifier with your Snapmaker  Enclosure bundle to get the safest, securest workspace possible. Featuring real time monitoring, fan speed control and easy to change filtration system. The air purifier will significantly improve your Snapmaker experience. 
Ships from early October 
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NK-Optik - Otoflash G171


The Otoflash G171 is used for curing of light-curable resins through light-induced photopolymerization. It is optimised for quick curing of medical grade 3D Printed materials using Nitrogen. Featuring two bottom mounted flash lamps operating at 10 flashes per second, it is ideal for curing otoplasties and hearing aids.

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Peopoly Phenom XXL Vat


FEP Vat specially optimised for Phenom XXL featuring; anti leak gasket design and an easy to replace film mechanism.

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Peopoly Phenom XXL Replacement LCD Panel


The Phenom XXL Replacement LCD panel features 4k resolution. It is the OEM LCD panel for the Phenom XXL 3D printer. 

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Peopoly Phenom XXL FEP Film


Use the OEM Phenom XXL FEP film with your Phenom XXL printer and Phenom XXL vat to achieve the best prints possible.

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