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3D Design Software

3D Design Software

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3D Design Training


This is a 2 hour intensive 3D design session held at the iMakr Store. 
You will learn all you need to know in order to design in 3D. We will provide you with one on one training by one of our talented 3D design experts. After the training you\'ll walk away with extensive knowledge about designing in 3D and you will feel confident in creating 3D designs on your own. You choose the software... We\'ll provide the expert. Book online and we\'ll call to arrange a time.


ESSENTIAL, a 3SHAPER software solution

ESSENTIAL 3SHAPER is an entry level of 3SHAPER that is ideal for a CAD beginner.

HP 3D Scan Software v5

Transform objects into high resolution 3D models
Intuitive, high-precision proprietary software that automatically creates 3D models and enhances scan results for objects with reflective surfaces and supports dual-cameras for complete stereo vision.

EXOCAD Software

EXOCAD is the leading OEM branded dental CAD software from Shinning 3D. Enabling you to cover many indications, this software is the solution for expert users in dentalCAD field and is also a good choice for beginners.

EXOCAD Software DICOM Viewer Module

Get advanced indications with the DICOM Viewer module of the EXOCAD software. In addition of all standard indications of EXOCAD, this add-on module enables you the view of voxel data from CT machines with its integrated DICOM Viewer.