3DXTech FibreX™ HTS (High Temp Support) 1.75mm 500g

3DXTech FibreX™ HTS is a break-away support material which has been designed for use with high temperature filaments such as PEEK, PEI and PPSU.

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3DXTech FibreX™ HTS is a high-temperature break-away support filament which is ideal for use in dual extruder 3D printers designed to print high-temperature materials. ThermaX HTS High-Temp Support can be used as a break-away support with the following materials:

  • PEKK
  • PEEK
  • Ultem/PEI
  • PPSU
  • PSU

Guideline Print Settings

Nozzle TemperatureBuild Plate TemperatureHeated Build ChamberBed Adhesion
350-380°C 120-160°C Recommended PEI or polyimide tape or gluestick applied to glass

Support Removal: This is a break-away support and is NOT soluble. The support is best removed while the part is warm. If the part cools and support removal becomes difficult, then you can heat the part in a small oven or heated build chamber for 30-45 minutes; then removal will be much easier.


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