Anisoprint - Smooth PA - 750g

Smooth PA is a carbon fiber-filled polyamide filament by Anisoprint. Smooth PA is used specifically for the exterior of a part to create a stronger shell and display a matte look with a sleek surface.

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Anisoprint’s Smooth PA is easy-to-use and guarantees a flawless surface quality. Specifically designed in collaboration with experienced filaments manufacturer Polymaker for use with the Anisoprint Composer A4/A3 and IS Prom printers, Smooth PA is a carbon fibre/polyamide blend for printing tougher, durable, functional parts while offering low moisture absorption as well as anti-warping properties.

Printing Guidelines

  • Temperature: best printed between 250 and 270°C
  • Speed : recommended between 40-50mm/s for standard Composer A4/A3 setup
  • Buildplate adhesion: required to be between 55-60°C
  • Drying and storage: Possibility to be printed from open air with no significant damage. Longer prints require the use of a dryer at 60°C and storage in a dry area such as a sealed box with silica gel
  • Nozzles: abrasion-resistant nozzle such as the Composer Hardened steel nozzle (0.4 or 0.6) is required.

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Data sheet

Tensile Strength
71.63±1.67 (100° ANNEALED)
Flexural Strength
109.97±1.38 (100° ANNEALED)
Flexural Modulus
3535.0±239.29 (100° ANNEALED)
Young’s Modulus (MPa)
3304.39±145.15 (100° ANNEALED)
Elongation at Break (%)
3.57±0.25 (100° ANNEALED)

Specific References

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