Filament Diameter (mm)

B9Creator SLA 3D Printer

The B9 Creator has rapidly become the preferred desktop 3D printing machine of jewelers, dental laboratories and prototypers alike. These 3D printers use stereolithography to convert liquid resin into solid objects of unbelievable definition and clarity. They are the brainchildren of ex-US Airforce pilot Michael Joyce.  With a degree in mathematics and a passion for technology, Joyce developed multiple patented inventions which provided the basis for the very first B9 Creator. Be sure to check out B9’s proprietary resins, each specially designed for specific industry applications, and its assortment of replacement parts and accessories.

B9Creator SLA 3D Printer

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B9Creator V1.2 Control Board/PCB


New single-board part which replaces older 2-board design.

Backward-compatible with 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2 B9Creators.

Requires the use of V1.8 or newer software.

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B9 Core 550 Ex Demo Unit

$7,395.00 -15% $8,700.00

New from B9Creations, the Core Series combines high resolution, ease of use and speed to create the ultimate 3D printing solution. The Core 550 offers the larger build voume in the range, with a 50 micron XY resolution and bed size of 96 x 54 mm. Ideal for multi-part manufacturing.

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