BCN3D Sigma Enclosure
  • BCN3D Sigma Enclosure

BCN3D Sigma Enclosure

Upgrade your Sigma R19 with an easy to install enclosure! It enables a constant temperature inside the printer and protects your working environment from harmful particles.

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Improve your printing experience and overall prints by attaching the enclosure to the BCN Sigma printer. Not only does it maintain stable printing temperatures inside, but it also reduces noise and harmful air particles. The cover comes disassembled and with a manual about how to assemble it. It comes with the necessary tools to do it. The enclosure is only compatible with Sigma R19 version.

Key features:

  • Constant interior temperature to prevent warping in technical materials 
  • HEPA filter to protect your working environment from potentially harmful particles
  • Increase the success print ratio
  • Air inside the printer is renewed thanks to the HEPA filter
  • Easy to put on and remove
  • No need to screw, make holes or modify the printer

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