iMakr Introduces a New Range of Best-in-Class 3D Printers

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iMakr is the world leading independent retailer for desktop 3D printers, operating two of the world's largest 3D printing stores in London and New York, as well as the website.  

In a market led by innovation, iMakr works to meticulously select best-in-class desktop 3D printers and provides them at a competitive price. These two pillars are core to the iMakr brand.

iMakr Promise: Best 3D Printers, Best Prices

iMakr is pleased to introduce the following new 3D printers to their stores: 

  • PrintrBot Simple Metal - The entry level machine for tinkerers and beginners alike
  • Zortrax M200 - Highly accurate, efficient 3D printer for designers and engineers
  • Ultimaker Original+  - The fast, easy to use, open source classic printer... with a heated bed
  • B9Creator - High resolution, affordable, open DLP 3D printer

To attend the official launch of the range on the 4th of December, register here.

Zortrax will be displayed at the iMakr pop-up at Le Bon Marche Rive Gauche - where they will debut the Scandles Range, along with FlashForge Dreamer from 15th November.

This new selection of 3D printers will sit well with iMakr's current best sellers:

In order to support its customers, iMakr has enlarged its range of tested materials considerably. The selection includes bronzeFill and copperFill from colorFabb, flexible filament by NinjaFlex, EasyFil by Formfutura, Proto-pasta Carbon Fiber as well as a wide range of resins from MakerJuice.

iMakr Promise: Unparalleled Customer Service

Outstanding customer experience is another core component of the iMakr effort to please a growing population of 3D printing early adopters. Considering that the technology is still in its infancy, the iMakr team is leaving no stone unturned in order meet and surpass its customers' expectations:


  • before sales, with free training, advice and regular demonstrations at both flagship stores,

  • after sales, with a team of seasoned engineers always on hand to provide support and assistance. iMakr has also introduced a free one year warranty on its selection of 3D printers.

iMakr Promise: Independence without Compromise

To stay true to its core values, iMakr has decided to stop selling the latest generation of MakerBot (Stratasys, Inc. NASDAQ: SSYS) 3D Printers (Replicator 5th Generation and Replicator Z18) following negative feedback from its customers. iMakr will of course continue to support its existing customers who have previously purchased these products.


iMakr will continue to sell the MakerBot Replicator 2X which proves to be one of the best dual extrusion 3D Printers on the market.



If you would like any more information, please contact:


iMakr was founded in 2012. It operates the flagship iMakr Stores in London and New York, and Its sister company is the world largest curated platform for 3D printable objects. Both companies are leading consumer adoption of 3D printing.


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