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MakerJuice G+ 500 mL


MakerJuice Sub G+ resin has been designed with the following characteristics in mind: low viscosity, low srinkage, very hard, little flexibility, very fast cure speed, very similar to ABS.
Shipping costs remain the same for 2 to 10 spools of filament

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Makerjuice SF 500 mL


SF is a great blend that is just slightly more bendy than G+, while maintaining the fast print speeds and great accuracy. It also has a higher pigment concentration, for more vibrantly opaque parts, and pigment does not settle out as fast. SubSF is perfect for snap-fit parts, or anything that needs to be hard while not being brittle.

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MakerJuice WaxCast 3D Castable resin 1L


WaxCast is a high ­quality printing resin for direct investment casting applications such as jewelry, dental, and engineering modeling.
It was indeed tested and used by wide range of jewelers and engineers across the world, for you to be able to implement 3D printing within your business. 

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