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Miicraft Advance Series

Miicraft’s professional series offers a high resolution LED light engine with a Digi-optical technology which allows the user to print its products or components at a faster rate with highly accurate details. This machine is especially used for individualized mass production and professional applications.

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MiiCraft Hyper Series

The Hyper Series by MiiCraft is a reliable, powerful and tough desktop SLA 3D printer. The Hyper Series uses a superior high resolution UV light engine to achieve incredible results and capture the finest details in your projects. 

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Miicraft Light Green Resin (BV-011) - 250g


Put color in your prints! Choose the light green resin for your Miicraft + 3D printer. 

This castable resin is made for fast investment casting. Ideal for dental and jewelry applications.
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MiiCraft Prime Series

The MiiCraft Prime series 3D printers are a new generation of powerful desktop 3D printers featuring high precision printing, fast speeds, and durable production. 

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MiiCraft Profession Series

Miicraft’s Profession Series offers a high resolution LED light engine with a Digi-optical technology, allowing for faster, accurate printing while capturing ultra-fine details. This machine is ideal for individualised mass production and many other professional applications.

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