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MiiCraft 3D printers are designed for commercial applications. They design and manufacture 3D printer utilizing Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology, and provide related solutions including printing materials and software that can bundle with our printers for better printing experience.

MiiCraft 3D printing solutions are used extensively in research, jewellery and dental industry to deliver high resolution prints.

MiiCraft 125 Series

Product details


Compatible with a wide range of resins, giving you the freedom to make what you want. This includes 3rd party resins.

Accurate Prints

High resolution DLP chip and sophisticated optics produce accurate layers that turn into accurate printed objects.

User Friendly

Powerful easy to use software gives the user full control of the printing parameters to ensure the best quality prints.


405nm is suitable for capturing the fine detail of any jeweller's design and also allows the use of 3rd party resins.



High precision, high accuracy for professional application

Being the world no.1 in pico light engine provider, MiiCraft+ allows users to print the parts with high accuracy.

Easy to set up, easy to use

Also equipped with simple browser-based user interface, MiiCraft+ helps users to operate 3D printing more smoothly.

Printing + UV Curing (2-in-1)

The Miicraft+ is the world’s first all-in-one machine, contains both printing and post-curing functions..

MiiCraft for Dental

Product details

Direct clear aligner

Use clear biocompatible Class IIa materials with a high strength, fracture and wear resistance. With your software, design each aligner you need for your patients.

Thermoforming model for indirect bonding tray

Print your model with the tie-wings and use your vacuum forming to make your clear aligners.

Indirect bonding tray

With your software, select position of each bracket of your patient's bonding tray. Glue all your brackets in one go and save up chair time.

Surgical guides

Use Class I or Class IIa clear materials. Design and print many surgical guides with high precision.

Miicraft for Jewellery

Product details

High Precision with Incredible Resolution

In a 2014 survey of MiiCraft jewellery customers, the printouts not only made the communication easier but greatly improved customer satisfaction.


405nm is suitable for capturing the fine detail of any jeweller's design and also allows the use of 3rd party resins.

Optimise Time Efficiency

Print multiple models in one session print a single model in the highest resolution.





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+44 (0) 207 247 4095

iMakr offer you best-in-class 3D printers and 3D scanners thanks to our expert team of engineers who test and approve each product that hits the shelves. Our team of experts is here to handle any query you may have and will answer swiftly and efficiently.