Print bigger & better with Builder 3D Printers

iMakr are proud to bring you the Extreme range of 3D printers by Dutch manufacturers Builder. The three large bed machines within the Extreme range provide huge printing capacity for wide or tall prints--all with the same high accuracy of much smaller FDM printers.

The innovative colour blending nozzle lets you combine two filaments using its unique Dual-Feed configuration. This features two independent extruders to lead both filaments into a single nozzle, offering greater control and the ability to create beautiful colour effects across your print.

These printers offer amazing possibilities in architecture, product design, prop making and even marketing and advertising. Speak to an iMakr advisor about which Builder 3D printer is right for your application.

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The Builder Extreme range:

Builder Extreme 2000 PRO

Builder Extreme 1500

Builder Extreme 1000

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