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iMakr is pleased to welcome EnvisionTEC 3D products into its range of industrial resin solutions. With an incredible range of technical materials and machines, EnvisionTEC brings real-production and heavy-duty parts to your industry that are nothing short of high-level of quality and detailed.

With their patented 3SP technology and extended development of new solutions, EnvisionTEC is pushing additive manufacturing innovation to the next level. 

Capable of exsiting as a solution in a wide variety of industries, EnvisonTEC printers offer high resolution, rapid speeds, and highly detailed results for functional gears, valves, and pumps into something exceptional, efficient, and economic.   

With the technology from EnvisionTEC and iMakr's support and expertise, customers looking for advanced additive manufacturing solutions receive the best product using cutting-edge technology and receive expert support and consultation tailored for each industry.

EnvisionTEC 3SP Series

The 3SP technology stands for Scan, Spin, and Selectively Protocure and has been engineered for serious heavy manufacturing applications. It is a completely unique technology and is compatible with a wide range of resins to produce large, geometric parts. Full of machines equipped with large build volumes and accurate resolutions, the 3SP range is sure to have your next solution. Used for functional gears, valves and pumps to fasteners, jigs, fixtures or end effectors as well as mass customisation for dental applications. Manufacturers are integrating this patented technology into their operations and discovering just how innovative 3SP technology really is. 

Vector 3SP

The Vector 3SP prints everything from conceptual models to functional parts at amazing speed. With a variety of technical materials to choose from, the Vector 3SP produces parts in build volume  of 300 x 200 x 275 mm and with a resolution of 100 µm (0.004 in.) with immaculate surface finish.

Xtreme 3SP

The Xtreme 3SP provides solutions for OEM projects and service agencies due to its large build area of up to 29,497 cubic cm. The high-quality construction and surface finish of the final parts is beneficial for applications that demand large, industrial parts like in the Automotive and Aerospace industries.

Xede 3SP

Fitted with a 457 x 457 x 457 mm building platform, the XEDE 3SP printer is exceeding the size of all other 3SP printers. This printer allows for industries like Manufacturing and Automotive to print large 3D parts for indust with an accurate final result from its resolution of 100 µm.

Ultra 3SP

Capable of printing at fast speeds, the Ultra 3SP produces high quality print for a wide variety of applications such as consumer, automotive or aerospace. It is equipped with a build envelope of 266 x 175 x 193 mm, the Ultra 3SP provides a resolution of 100 µm (0.004 in.)

Vector 3SP HD

The Vector 3SP HP 3D printed has the same desired properties of the original Vector 3SP only with a higher resolution of 50.8 µm for a smooth surface finish for all of your highly detailed production parts. Print large, durable parts in a build volume of 300 x 175 x 275 mm for a wide variety of applications in professional industries.

Xtreme HD 3SP

The Xtreme 3SP provides a fast speed print and a high accuracy thanks to a resolution of 50 µm. Its 254 x 362 x 330 mm building platform makes it an ideal 3D printer for a wide range of industries that demand large, industrial parts like Automotive and Aerospace.

Ultra 3SP HD

Fitted with the same characteristics than the Ultra 3SP, the HD version of its sister has a higher xy resolution of 50 µm and z axis resolution of 50 – 100 µm for flawless results. The Ultra 3SP HD printer has a 266 x 175 x 193 mm and has the same cutting-edge technology for increased production speeds and efficiency

3Dent 3SP

The 3Dent is a must for every dental practice transitioning into digital dental production. It is engineered to print highly detailed dental models in a time of 10mm/h, making it at at least twice as fast as others on the market. The build envelope is 266 x 175 x 76 mm provides the production of 34 quads in one build.

Vector 3SP Ortho

The Vector 3SP Ortho offers a generous build envelope of 300 x 200 x 70 mm and speed capabilities that make it an attractive solution for producing highly accurate orthodontic models that show no sign of stairstepping elements. Use the Vector 3SP Ortho for production in either a lab or a practice setting.

Xtreme 3SP Ortho

The Xtreme 3SP Ortho printer is a reliable, large-batch model printer that can deliver clean detail and at quick speeds. Wtih a build envelope of 254 x 362 x 102 mm and a resolution of 100 µm (0.004 in.), its easy to print highly accurate orthodontic models and appliances.

Xede 3SP Ortho

The large print format of the Xede 3SP Ortho is ideal for labs and practices to produce high quality orthodontic models. Its build envelope is a spacious 457 x 457 x 102 mm and has the capacity to print 49 appliance models or 77 aligner models to be produced in each job.

Ultra 3SP Ortho

The Ultra 3SP Ortho brings cutting edge technology with high temperature resistant materials to your lab or practice. Use the Ultra 3SP Orthos' build envelope of 266 x 175 x 76.2 mm and its rapid speeds to the manufacturing process for the creation of aligners, appliances, and more. 

EnvisionTEC 3D-Bioplotter Series

The 3D-Bio-plotter series from EnvisionTEC is one of the most seasoned bioprinters on the market, backed by coutntless research and development. These bioprinters process open-source biomaterials using air or mechanical pressure to a syringe for computer-aided tissue engineering, from scaffolds to create tissue, organs, patient CT data to the physcial structures and more. All printers in the series are designed for use in a sterile biosafety cabinet and meet standards for clinical trials.

Envision ONE cDLM: The Only ONE

Created by one of the most experienced teams of engineers in 3D printing, the Envision One cDLM is the largest, most advanced desktop 3D printer ever created. It is bigger, faster, easier to use and more innovative than all the other 3D printers on the market. Designed to take you from beginner to expert in a single machine, the Envision One cDLM is the only professional 3D printer you’ll ever need. EnvisionTEC delivers an end to end solution.

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