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The MAX X. Flexible Precision. 

iMakr's Verdict

Being the creators of precision desktop 3D printers, Asiga offers now the Asiga MAX X for dental, jewellery, and audiology. The MAX X is Asiga’s highest resolution jewelry production system with a re-configurable resolution of 27, 35 or 43 microns. This allows the system to be adapted to both extreme resolution and high productivity applications.It is also compatible with 3rd-party resins including Detax, NextDent, and Pro3dure as well as the resins from Asiga making it a truly versatile DLP printer. Built on the extraordinary precision of Asiga’s SPS Technology, the MAX X delivers performance, reliability and flexibility for jewelers and casting houses.      

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SPS™ Smart-Positioning-System Technology

All Asiga MAX machines are equipped with SPS technology that guarantees every model layer is formed precisely and in minimal time. The technology makes these machines ideal for jewellery, dental, and medical industries where precision and attention to detail are critical aspects. 



For Digital Dental Production


With the highest resolution available from Asiga, the MAX X makes digital dentistry a simple, yet efficient workflow. Whether working from digital scans or impressions, the MAX X is the tool that labs and clinics need to provide the professional results patients are smiling about.

385 nm UV LED now available to print clear material


DentaModel High Precision dental model material

PlasGray Orthodontic model material

SuperCAST HD Direct casting resin for C&B and partial frameworks

SuperCAST v3 Direct casting precision



For Audiology


With the highest print precision offered from Asiga, the MAX X is perfect for manufacturing of earshells, earmoulds and silicone earmoulds with an annual output of 60,000+ shells / moulds.

385 nm UV LED now available to print clear material

Bio-compatible Material Partners:

Dreve GmbH




For Jewellery

With the highest print precision configured from an Asiga machine, the MAX X is perfect for high-detailed jewellery manufacturing From casting wax to rubber molding, the Asiga MAX  outperforms other machines on surface finish precision, geomtrics, and print time. 

385 nm UV LED now available to print clear material


SuperCAST Direct Casting Resin material for Gold Alloys

SuperWAX Direct Casting WAX material for Platinum, Gold Alloys

SuperCAST Direct Casting Resin material for Gold Alloys

FusionGRAY Vulcanized Rubber Molds & RTV


Key features

Small FootprintSmall Footprint

Incredible productivity in a small footprint is perfect for both lab and clinical environment

WifiWifi and Ethernet ready

Wifi and ethernet connectivity for easy workspace integration

TouchTouch Screen Display

Great user experience with the touch screen display, offering real-time print progress and quick print lanch

MaterialOpen Material System

With the Open Maretial System, use not only Asiga's line of precision materials but also materials from any resin supplier

Fast changeSimple & Fast Material Changeover

The fastest material change over on the market. Complete in under 30 seconds

CalibrationSingle Point Calibration

With the single point calibration, the printer takes only 30 seconds to calibrate


Choose from 27, 35, 43 µm print precision

SoftwareComposer Software

Increase your productivity with the integrated Composer software for intuitive build generation

PowerAuto Power-off

After finishing a print, the printer automatically enters in Energy saving mode


Technical Specifications

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