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Castable Resins

Castable Resins

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Asiga PlasGRAY V2 1L


The Plas™ Range of photopolymer resins are high resolution, flexible, touch and chemically resistant. Supplied in 1L material packs containing 1x 1L bottle of Polymer resin and 1x Build Tray.

Note: This is the only on-going consumable for a PRO 3D Printer.

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Detax Freeprint® Cast

Detax Freeprint® Cast is an investment casting resin for dental applications with industry leading burn-out characteristics leaving no residue for high precision reproduction of intricate details.
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Miicraft Orange resin (BV-012) - 250g

Put color in your prints! Choose the orange resin for your Miicraft + 3D printer. 

This castable resin is made for direct investment casting. Ideal for jewelry and dental applications.
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