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Choc Edge Chocolate 3D Printers

Choc Edge Ltd is an Anglo-Chinese company, leader in the production of 3D chocolate printers. The company is developing 3D printers for professionals and individuals who wish to design creative 3D chocolates. Based on the printing technique of 3D printers, the 3D chocolate printer prints with high precision, layer by layer, to build the shape wanted. Personalise your baking with 3D printed toppings and create unique gifts in amazing designs and shapes.

Choc Edge Chocolate 3D Printers

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Choc Creator 2.0 Plus

Try chocolate 3D printing with Choc Creator 2.0 Plus, the latest, revolutionary 3D printer from Choc Edge. Create beautiful 3D designs and shapes out chocolate to give as a unique gift or the perfect finish to a baked creation. 

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