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Essentium PEEK 1.75mm


High-performance industrial filament manufactured in the USA. Essentium PEEK is perfect for Aerospace, Automotive and Oil and Gas applications.

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Essentium PLA XTR 2.85mm - 750g


Essentium PLA XTR is an engineering-grade PLA with improved mechanical and ease-of-print properties.

A large range of colours are available on request - contact

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DWS Precisa 780 High Detail Resin Cartridge


An improved version of PRECISA 779, PRECISA 780 is a photosensitive rigid opaque material for DWS stereolithography 3D printers, developed for the production of prototypes, toys, miniatures, high detailed models, gadgets, marketing samples and patterns for silicone molds.

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Peopoly Deft Resin 1kg


Deft resin from Peopoly is designed for use with the Peopoly Phenom MSLA and other large-volume LCD resin 3D printers for fast and easy printing.

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Detax Freeprint Cast 2.0


Freeprint Cast 2.0 is a high-quality casting resin from Dental resin specialists, Detax. Offering excellent dimensional stability and no burn-out residue, Freeprint Cast 2.0 is ideal for Dental laboratories utilising 385nm wavelength resin 3D printers.

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