Cubicon Lux Full HD (210 DS)
  •  Cubicon Lux Full HD (210 DS)
  •  Cubicon Lux Full HD (210 DS)

Cubicon Lux Full HD (210 DS)

This Cubicon LUX Full HD was designed to be the epitome of perfect design meets functionality. Its compact, clean and sleek aesthetic provide users everything they desire for a desktop DLP printer. It is great for jewellery and dental applications.

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Sleek desktop DLP Printing just got even easier

The Cubicon LUX Full HD (210 DS) offers incredible value with a high resolution at its price point. With a build volume of 10 x 7.5 x 14.5 cm, it has some high tech features like the world's first Auto-leveling functioning build plate and multi-soft layers in the VAT. The printer is able to function independently without connection to a PC. We highly recommend the LUX to jewellers, dental technicians, educators, modellers and designers.


Main features:

  • Sliding door help optimizing the space more efficiently
  • Low noise and low vibration titling function
  • High-grade object without additional setup process
  • Built-in charcoal air filter to absorb toxic fumes
  • Rounded black translucent frameless surface

  • Auto bed leveling function (Automatic Z-axis homing calibration)

  • High printing quality by uniformity UV light calibration function

  • Printing with USB connection 

  • Strong UV curing effect by use of soft transparent film on VAT

  • Soft high transmission film enhance the printing quality and the durability 


  • 4.3" touch LCD screen and user-friendly interface

  • Extra hairline work done on the touch pad gives more high-end feel

  • Uniformity Calibration function distinguishes 48 zones and allows to adjust light intensity

  • Automatic resin refill function

  • Resin Supplementary bottle easy to detach 


Data sheet

Printing Technology
Digital Light Processing
Build Volume W x D x H (mm) // W x D x H (inch)
110x62x145 mm
Operating Temperature
Light Type
Projector (1920x1080)
Printing Temperature
15.6 kg
ABS Like, Flexible resin
310x485x460 mm
USB drive
File Type
Printer Software
Input Voltage / Power

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