Cubicon Style 210D (Dental)

The CUBICON Style 210D is a best-in-class 3D printer designed for detail-rich printing in dentistry. With output precision of 50um, the Style 210D allows for extremely precise prints, supporting an extensive variety of dentistry needs. 

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The Cubicon Style 210D is specially designed for the accuracy required in dental 3D printing, with an output precision of 50um, a unique level of precision rarely found in FFF type 3D printers. 

Versatile Applications And Detail-Rich Design

The Cubicon Style 210D can be used in all areas of dentistry including print capabilities for transparent braces, diagnostics models, dental casts and more. With industry leading precision, the Style 210D captures the extremely fine details required for dental printing. 


Easy And Efficient

A dedicated dental slicing program called 'Cubicreator Dr.' is provided free with the purchase of the Cubicon Style 210D. With this program, a 3D printing file can be created by simply clicking the saved profile and output, such as transparent braces, IDB tray or a diagnostic model, in the application. Continuous upgrades for Cubicreator Dr. ensures  compatibility with new materials and new technologies. The Style 210D is also extremely time efficient, as the 3D prints do not require post-processing. 

Advanced Auto Leveling Exclusive to Cubicon

As featured in the Cubicon 3D printing range, the Auto Leveling feature has been upgraded for the Style 210D printer, automatically and precisely measuring the height of the heating bed, adjusting the distance between the nozzle and the bed to an optimal position. 


Triple Air Filtration For A Safe Printing Environment

The Style 210D is equipped with the Cubicon certified triple air filter (HepaㆍCarbonㆍPurafil Catalyst Filter), providing users with a safer printing environment,  blocking dust, gas, and odours generated by 3D printers. 

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Data sheet

Printing Technology
Fused Filament Fabrication
Build Volume W x D x H (mm) // W x D x H (inch)
W150 x D150 x H150 mm
Layer Thickness / Print Precision
50 ~ 300um
Heated Bed
Nozzle Diameter (mm)
Printing Speed
Max 200mm/sec
ABS, ABS-A100, PLA-PLUS, PLA-i21, PETG, TPU(Flexible)
Filament Diameter (mm)
Nozzle Temperature
Max 260 °C
Slicing Software
Cubicreator Dr.
Operating System
Windows 7+ (64bit)
File Format
SD Card(FAT32), USB-A Type
Product Dimensions
W322 x D350 x H486 mm
Product Weight
Shipping Dimensions
W490 x D405 x H555 mm
Shipping Weight

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