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3D Printers for Education 

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  • Minimal, lightweight and compact with an elegant design, iMakr offers the Adventurer 3 3D printer, regarded as a very sophisticated and functional machine. With the Adventurer3, you now have the possibility to check your real-time printing processes and results after connecting the camera to internet and even more. 

  • We are not over-stating it: the 3DWOX 1 is highly recommended. It's a machine for anyone who just wants to print.

  • The UP300 is best suited for low-batch, heavy manufacturing. Its material-specific extruders offer versatility and precision where its double sided and interchangeable build plates create efficiency.

  • This UP mini 2 ES is a small but mighty 3D printer featuring all new hardware and software like LCD touchscreen, wireless connectivity, and HEPA filter.This desktop 3D printer is great for use in schools, universities, or even at home.

  • Eine Neuheit auf dem Markt, der lang ersehnte UP! Box + kombiniert Erschwinglichkeit mit fortgeschrittenen Funktionen, und macht ihn zur führenden Maschine im Bildungsbereich! Drucken Sie ABS-Teile mit einer Größe von bis zu 255 x 205 x 205mm (10 x 8 x 8 in) in der vollständig geschlossenen Kammer mit HEPA-Filtration.iMakr bietet...

  • Der Cubicon Single Plus ist die verbesserte Version des Cubicon Single, inklusive der patentierten automatische Druckbett-Ausrichtung und integriertem Diagnosesystem. Doppelt so akurat wie sein Vorgänger, bietet der Cubicon Single Plus eine erstaunliche Druckzeit von 500mm/s.

  • The Moai 3D printer is an affordable SLA solution that produces amazing results. Providing a better resolution than Formlabs at a fraction of the price, the Moai is all about flexiblity, performance, and affordability. Use any material desired for your applications on your Moai. This bundle includes a PDMS VAT, a FEP VAT, a bottle of Model Resin. This...

  • The Moai 3D printer is the best value SLA solution for everyone. Providing remarkable printing resolution, as other professional SLA printers at a fraction of the price, the Moai is all about flexiblity, performance, and affordability. Use any material desired for your applications on your Moai. The assembled full pack gives you the same great features of...

  • Specifically designed and developed for ceramics 3D printing, the Delta WASP 2040 Clay 3D Printer is a fundamental desktop tool for any professional in the ceramics or design industry.

  • Welcome to continuous 3D printing with the X5. The X5 was designed from ground up for low-volume manufacturing. With the ability to feed up to 12 plates onto its build platform and reloading during printing, it provides a continious printing experience.

  • Cubicon Style ist ein leichter und kompakter Desktop 3D Drucker, designed um in jede Umgebung zu passen und dem Benutzer zu erlauben überall zu Drucken, und das mit Stil.iMakr bietet Ihnen 1 Jahr Garantie für den Cubicon Style

Zeige 1 - 12 von 30 Artikeln