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Professional Level 3D Printers 

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  • 5 599,00 €

    Funmat HT is a must-have for anyone who prints real and strong functional parts. It comes with the necessities--active heated chamber, high nozzle temperature and heated build plate--that let you print all types of technical materials from PEEK/PEI/PPSU to Nylon/PC to ABS/PLA. 

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  • 3 349,00 €

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  • 2 899,00 €

    Der Cubicon Single Plus ist die verbesserte Version des Cubicon Single, inklusive der patentierten automatische Druckbett-Ausrichtung und integriertem Diagnosesystem. Doppelt so akurat wie sein Vorgänger, bietet der Cubicon Single Plus eine erstaunliche Druckzeit von 500mm/s.

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  • 4 469,00 €

    Building on in the Sigmax family, BCN3D brings the completely upgraded Sigmax R19. This professional workhorse machine features the same huge build volume of 420mm x 297mm x 210mm, a newly upgraded extrusion system, filament runout sensor to detect material presence, and much more! Ideal for heavy manufacturing and production.

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  • 4 469,00 €

    Already holds one of the best reputations for dual extrusion systems. Sigmax offers a doubled a X-axis length to the previous model, Sigma finalising at dimensions 420x297x210mm. Capable of printing in multiple colours and materials with impressive finished prints. 

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  • 3 899,00 €

    The 3DWOX 2X from Sindoh is a revolutionary dual-extruder 3D printer. Certainly one of the most well-made printers you can get in the market. Highly recommended by us as well as by our customers.

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  • 2 209,00 €

    The UP300 is best suited for low-batch, heavy manufacturing. Its material-specific extruders offer versatility and precision where its double sided and interchangeable build plates create efficiency.

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  • 2 289,00 €

    The CR-3040S 3D printer from Creality 3D is a highly affordable and reliable desktop 3D printer for bringing your 2D ideas into a 3rd dimension.   Features a fully-enclosed printer chamber, an intelligent system failure fetaure, and compatible with most printing materials like ABS, PLA, and TPU.

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  • 3 895,00 €

    Welcome to continuous 3D printing with the X5. The X5 was designed from ground up for low-volume manufacturing. With the ability to feed up to 12 plates onto its build platform and reloading during printing, it provides a continious printing experience.

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  • 3 769,00 €

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  • 2 699,00 €

    With two independant extruders the BCN Sigma R17 offers multicolour and multimaterial 3D printing without the contamination associated with with other dual head 3D printers. Print large with soluble support or detailed two colour prints with ease.

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  • 1 699,00 €

    Cubicon Style ist ein leichter und kompakter Desktop 3D Drucker, designed um in jede Umgebung zu passen und dem Benutzer zu erlauben überall zu Drucken, und das mit Stil.iMakr bietet Ihnen 1 Jahr Garantie für den Cubicon Style

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