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Peopoly Moai Printer Kit plus FEP VAT and 1 bottle of Model Resin

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The Moai 3D printer is an affordable SLA solution that produces amazing results. Providing a better resolution than Formlabs at a fraction of the price, the Moai is all about flexiblity, performance, and affordability. Use any material desired for your applications on your Moai. This bundle includes a PDMS VAT, a FEP VAT, a bottle of Model Resin. This printer comes as an easy to assemble kit.

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Moai for the Home. Moai for the Office. Moai for the Lab. 

The Moai is a sleek and compact SLA printer that brings high-resolution printing to the desktop at an affordable price. The kit is a great stepping stone for users looking to transition from FDM printing to SLA printing or for professionals looking for better quality prints than FDM systems are capable of producing. Designed to give users an opportunity to learn and become more familiar with the inner workings of the 3D printer, the Moai kit is easy to put together and makes the transition into SLA printing simple. 

Peopoly Moai 3D Resin Print

Peopoly Moai 3D Resin Dental Print


Key Features:

  • Professional grade UV laser with a 70 microns spot size running at 405 nm (microns) wavelength and a maximum power of 150 mW

  • Full access to laser setting,  including power level, exposure time and galvo (mirror galvanometer) travel speed

  • Can print objects up to 13 x 13 x 18 cm

  • Moai uses standard gcode for printing via SD flash card. This makes the print process transparent to the user and allows for experimentation.

  • Easy to assemble and calibrate.  Can be put together in 4 hours. It is significantly less complicated than many FDM 3D printer kit.
  • Open Source Material: The user can use almost any UV resin designed for 405 nm wavelength

  • Upgradable and customizable – designed so that user can easily swap new parts to upgrade or add functionality. There are plenty areas in Moai system designed for user customization

Applications in:
 Dental, Jewellery, Education, University

Clear resin print on the MoaiSLA jewellery print on the Moai 3D printer

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Bauraum W x T x H (mm) // W x T x H (inch)130 x130 x 180 mm
Schichtdicke / Druckpräzision0.01 - 0.2 mm
Wellenlänge405 nm
MaterialLiquid Photopolymer
Maße330 x 340 x 660 mm
Auflösung / Präzision70 microns,
Operating SystemWindows Mac Linux
AnschlussmöglichkeitSD card [FAT16, max 2 GB]
Eingangsspannung / Strom220VAC