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Moai 200 SLA 3D Printer

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Der Moai 200 SLA Drucker ist der Erste seiner Art. Mit einem riesigen Volumen zu einem geringen Preis. Es hat einer das größte Volum für einen SLA Drucker, nämlich 200 x 200 x 250 mm. Der Moai ist ein wahrer Vorläufer welcher professionelles SLA Drucken für jeden ermöglicht. Sie können jedes Material benutzen! 

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Large SLA Printing for the Home. For the Office. For the Lab. 

iMakr Verdict:

The Moai 200 has one of the largest build sizes for SLA printing at 200 x 200 x 250 mm; spearheading the industry with such professional features and affordable price tag. It is capable of producing high resolution models in large batches keeping downtimw and costs low. We reccommend the Moai 200 as the choice solution for professionals looking for large format, high quality SLA prints that won't break the budget. Peopoly's new software, Peopoly Asura, simplifies the process of preparing for printing to streamline a Moai workflow.  It also features a heated build chamber, full laser and exposure control and high compatibility with 405nm UV resin.

Key Features:

  • Build volume of 200 x 200 x 250mm  

  • Professional grade UV laser with a 70 microns spot size running at 405 nm (microns) wavelength and a maximum power of 210 mW

  • Pre-assembled: just calibrate upon delivery and start printing 

  • Easy maintenance: Just like original Moai, the parts can be replaced with prior training

  • Heated Chamber 

  • FEP film based VAT

  • Full access to laser setting,  including power level, exposure time and galvo (mirror galvanometer) travel speed

  • Moai uses standard gcode for printing via SD flash card. This makes the print process transparent to the user and allows for experimentation

  • Open Source Material: The user can use almost any UV resin designed for 405 nm wavelength

  • Upgradable and customisable – designed so that user can easily swap new parts to upgrade or add functionality. There are plenty areas in Moai system designed for user customization

Printed on the Moai 200
Moai 200 Print Bed

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Bauraum W x T x H (mm) // W x T x H (inch)200 x 200 x 200mm
MaterialHi-Temp Nex Resin
Besondere EigenschaftenUp-gradable and customisable
Heated Chamber27-35℃
Supported SoftwareWindows, Mac
Drucker SoftwarePeopoly Asura
Laser210mW 405nm solid state laser
Laser spot size 70um