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Custom Made Firmware for STARTT (Updated 5 July 2017)
 STARTT   Started by Jack Keum   2017-06-14 17:01:05 +01:00   Comments: 55    Viewed: 9511

  1. Jack Keum
    Jack Keum Moderator Staff Member
    (Updated 5 July 2017)

    Hi Guys,

    We are excited to announce that our custom made Startt firmware is now ready for download!
    Please note that you will need to use the latest Cura for Startt (version 1.1), see more info here.

    Startt Firmware v1.0 Release Note:
    1. Smoother Menu control
    2. Languages added (German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese)
    3. Quick Settings rearranged
    4. Easier access to Stop Printing
    5. Reduced time to heat up
    6. Other bugs fixed

    Download Startt Firmware v1.0 attached or here. Firmware Update Guide attached.

    Best wishes,
    iMakr Engineer
    Jack Keum, 2017-06-14 17:01:05 +01:00
  2. reddadsteve
    reddadsteve Member Flanders
    You mention that you are working on an update to the firmware, do you have a specific buglist that will be addressed?  And/or enhancements?

    Thanks for continuing to improve the STARTT.
    reddadsteve, 2017-06-14 18:13:57 +01:00
  3. Pedro L
    Pedro L Member
    Hi Jack

    great news!

    I have been experiencing some problems with the firmware. From time to time (at the begin of a print) I get a "def" as the sensor temperature reading. The printer goes bananas - LCD displays random characters, erratic behaviour, etc.

    The cure is to reset and try again. I can provide pictures if needed.

    Perhaps this is being already addressed by you, but anyways, here is the heads up.
    Pedro L, 2017-06-14 23:44:28 +01:00
  4. Hi, Jack, thanks for that.

    If I see it right, the hex-file contains the compiled original Repetier firmware (a lot of unintelligible characters and numbers yell).
    So now I have a way to repair my board, if somehow I mess it up with a new firmware that I for example have configured myself.
    What I am missing is the source code (especially configuration.h file), so that I can take the original firmware and apply little canges to it, like for example enabling heatbed-option or auto-levelling.
    It would be great if you could provide that also. (Actually I think you are required to, because repetier firmware is GPL-licensed tongue-out).

    I also would be interested on what kind of updates you are working.
    Daniel Düsentrieb, 2017-06-15 11:31:57 +01:00
  5. Which device is the right one to select?
    Daniel Düsentrieb, 2017-06-15 11:44:31 +01:00
  6. Jack Keum
    Jack Keum Moderator Staff Member
    Update guys! ;)
    Jack Keum, 2017-07-05 15:31:47 +01:00
  7. reddadsteve
    reddadsteve Member Flanders
    @Jack, when I click on the download for the firmware from the download page I get a new web page with the hex info instead of a file being downloaded.

    I am using Windows 10 with Chrome.

    No issue with downloading the new Cura 1.1 for Startt

    reddadsteve, 2017-07-05 17:16:25 +01:00
  8. reddadsteve
    reddadsteve Member Flanders
    @Jack,  I see that your team fixed the download for the firmware.  I've updated the firmware on my STARTT and am all set now.
    Just a minor note.  The download is zipped but the PDF does not mention unzipping it.

    The STARTT startup screen looks great.  New layout, from a first glace, looks better.  

    reddadsteve, 2017-07-05 18:16:51 +01:00
  9. Jack Keum
    Jack Keum Moderator Staff Member

    Hi all, 

    if you're having issue with Cura freeze when slicing, please donwload the software again as we have just fixed another bug. Sorry for the inconvenience. Have fun printing.


    Jack Keum, 2017-07-05 18:33:05 +01:00
  10. Pedro L
    Pedro L Member
    Hi Jack

    I've been having problems connecting the printer to the computer.
    There is a USB-SERIAL CH340 device recognized, but no luck with Cura detecting the printer. Any advice?
    Pedro L, 2017-07-05 19:08:40 +01:00
  11. reddadsteve
    reddadsteve Member Flanders
    @Jack,  I initially had the problem in Cura that slicing would hang and I loaded the fix you mentioned.  Now my STL model does not load into Cura at all.  I just see a blip on the screen and no model is loaded.

    As a test, I reloaded the previous version of Cura that you posted today and the STL model loads but does not slice, I then loaded the latest Cura again and the same STL does not load at all.

    Windows 10

    reddadsteve, 2017-07-05 19:28:25 +01:00
  12. Tiger Huang
    Tiger Huang Moderator Staff Member London
    @Steve, I am the developer for Cura for Startt.
    It seems like another person is also having issue with loading stl files, I will look into it and let you know. 
    Sorry about this.
    Tiger Huang, 2017-07-05 22:22:11 +01:00
  13. Tiger Huang
    Tiger Huang Moderator Staff Member London
    On Startt facebook group, András Szabó provided this solution, it helped Daniel Meza to fix the loading stl problem, I will copy the solution below and a link to the comment. 

    András Szabó reply Daniel Meza, I've check what I deleted to get things to work:

    "C:Program files (x86)\cura"
    "C:Program files (x86)\cura for startt"

    All these locations contained files from cura 1.5.xx and cura for STARTT 1.0, and this messed up the current version.
    Hope this helps you too.

    Link to post: https://www.facebook.com/groups/officialSTARTT3dprintergroup/permalink/1712669795694275/?comment_id=1712742552353666&reply_comment_id=1712805015680753&comment_tracking=%7B%22tn%22%3A%22R%22%7D

    Hope this helps, sorry for the inconvenience!
    Tiger Huang, 2017-07-05 23:00:59 +01:00
  14. reddadsteve
    reddadsteve Member Flanders
    @Tiger, Thank you as well as Andras.  I deleted the old Cura files manually and can now load the STL files.

    What was interesting is that STARTT 1.0 I had no issue with loading STL files even though the old Cura was never removed.  Even when I loaded the START 1.1 I coiuld load STL files (but could not slice).  Only after the fix to 1.1 did the problem start happenning.

    I chose the option to remove the previous Cura for STARTT berfore the 1.1 upgrade, I wonder if that makes a difference?

    Either way, I'm OK now, just concerned for others.

    Thank you,
    reddadsteve, 2017-07-06 00:02:59 +01:00
  15. Tiger Huang
    Tiger Huang Moderator Staff Member London

    Glad that it works for you.

    Actually the fix for 1.1 are quite a big changes, I get around half a month of changes from the offical Cura, however, I will look into it and make sure it works for other people!

    Thanks for your patient.
    Tiger Huang, 2017-07-06 00:10:02 +01:00
  16. Well, I've downloaded and run the new Cura for Startt (Mac edition) and the new firmware too, but it won't flash. Starts for a few seconds and then says it failed because there was a communication error.
    Michael Fuselier, 2017-07-08 02:29:54 +01:00
  17. Axel Richter
    Axel Richter Member

    Morning, same by me, I`ve downloaded many times again cura for Startt 1.1 (Win) and Firmware too, same thing how Michael Fuselier on Mac. Cura 1.1 don`t slice and screen any .stl object and the firwareupdate runs a few seconds and then say, faild because the usb cant communicat with it. I cant use my starrt because i have deinstalled cura 15.4.6 for your new cura for starrt 1.1.
    Please do some thing... my Kids wait for printing with it ;)

    BTW.. Cura for Startt have potential, because materialmanagement and other things like Cura 2.5 offical.(this wont run correctly on startt)

    Greetings Axel
    Axel Richter, 2017-07-08 07:04:04 +01:00
  18. Tiger Huang
    Tiger Huang Moderator Staff Member London

    He Michael, the Cura for Startt 1.1 version is only available for Windows system. 

    Sorry about the inconvenience.
    Tiger Huang, 2017-07-08 07:58:29 +01:00
    Michael Fuselier likes this.
  19. Tiger Huang
    Tiger Huang Moderator Staff Member London

    Hi Axel, we make a fix for Cura for Startt 1.1, and I can sure it's able to slice.

    did you download the lastest version of the software from this https://www.imakr.com/en/content/172-startt-sw website?

    can you try removing the folder from my comments to @Steve above?

    If you need to get it working in the next second, you can go to offical cura website https://ultimaker.com/en/products/cura-software/list download version 15.04.6 and follow the tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bCEcBt7VAI&index=9&list=PLxj0Q2wOyNPkONHx1C80vV85bqs0sZU4x
    Tiger Huang, 2017-07-08 08:06:31 +01:00
  20. Axel Richter
    Axel Richter Member
    Hi Tiger Huang, try cura for startt on my other win 10 laptop. It runs great but no firmware, same as desktop. desktop dont run cura.
    Laptop are Intel cherrytrail desktop AMD A4 5000. all running on win 10...


    must set the baudrate to 115200 ;-) try again...
    Axel Richter, 2017-07-08 08:46:24 +01:00
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