Moai Model Resin 1kg

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The Model Resin from Peopoly is a professional UV-sensitive resin for high accurate 3D printing. Optimised for Moai's 405nm UV laser, this resin is available in blue, gray, white, neon green, clear, black and red.

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Save money and achive more prints with affordable Model Resin from Peopoly Moai. This resin ensures great prints with a resolution of 70 microns. The Model Resin and Moai SLA printer make the perfect combo, creating high-quality prints with a smooth, detailed surface. 

Key Features:
  • Contain 1L
  • For Moai printer with 405nm UV laser
  • 70 microns XY resolution
  • Clean by 95% Ethanol or IPA
  • Available in blue, gray, white, neon green, clear, black and red

Peopoly Moai Model Resin