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Tethon3D Vitrolite 1L

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Viitrolite® from Tethon3D is a photocurable glass ceramic resin. It allows you to create 3D prints use with SLA or DLP printing technology. Its high strength and ability to be polished provide your designs with a smooth ceramic glass-like finish.

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Tethon3D is a ceramic-focused resin developer for DLP and SLA technology.
Tethon3D resins are unique, quality formulas that have been tested and developed to perform with unique properties.

Vitrolite resin uniquely provides a smooth glass-like cermaic finish to your prints. 

Key Features:

  • Opaque, matte to glossy finish and suitable for polishing
  • High fire and water resistance
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • High chemical and UV resistance properties
  • High scratch and wear resistant

Vitrolite® resin is a photocurable glass ceramic resin that has unique physical properties.
With this resin, you can have matte or glossy 3D printed results by increasing the sintering temperature. Due to a high silica content formula. Vitrolite is uniquely high strength and thermal shock tolerant. This resin does not conduct heat and electricity. 

*Increase sintering temperature increases shrinkage and surface shine.

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MaterialPhotocurable glass ceramic

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