Detax Freeprint® Tray

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Detax Freeprint® Tray is a biocompatible resin that meets Class I requirements for medical devices. It is a green resin used for producing functional trays and plates, with a neutral odour and taste and containing no MMA.

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Detax produce a range of professional resins for use with DLP SLA 3D printers that are compatible with 3rd party resins. Each resin comes in two versions to match the wavelength of the printer light source, 405nm and 378-388nm (UV). The Detax resins stocked at iMakr are primarily for use in the dental industry. Freeprint® Tray is a biocompatible resin used for producing impressions, functional trays and base resin plates for dental applications. It is a light green resin that maximises construction speed, part rigidity and dimensional stability, with printed parts meeting Class I requirements for medical devices.It is available in two wavelengths: 405nm and 378-388nm (UV) to match the light source of the printer.

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