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The byFlow Focus is a portable, multi-material desktop 3D printer. It features two swappable print modules: one for filament and one for paste material, allowing it to print anything from PLA to mashed potato.

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iMakr's Verdict

The byFlow Focus is designed to be a portable yet highly capable 3D printer. With its durable briefcase design, and only 8kg of weight, the printer can be easily transported without the risk of damage. The Focus uses interchangeable print heads to allow it to print in a wide range of materials. This includes standard materials like PLA, as well as a range of paste materials from food to clay. The Focus produces its own WiFi network, allowing you to connect to it from your computer to transfer files directly. The bed is calibrated in the factory and the starting height of each print is set manually before the start of the print, allowing you to print directly onto other objects such as bread or biscuits. The Focus opens up a range of possibilities for creative 3D printing.

Here's a great beginners recipe to start with using a meringue dessert paste.

Key Features

  • Multimaterial: Use the syringe system to print in a range of paste materials from food to ceramics to elastomers.
  • Portable: The Focus folds into a briefcase when not in use to make it easily transportable, and at 8kg you really can take it anywhere.
  • Adjustable: Print onto other objects, for example bread, by manually setting the Z-height at the start of the print. This can be tuned during the print to achieve high quality prints from paste materials.
  • Easy to Set-up: Manually adjust the Z-height prior to printing, no bed levelling required.

The focus goes from briefcase to printer in seconds.

Print small ceramic objects ready for firing a kiln.

The Focus easily food and other paste matérials.

Customer Testimonials

"Superior print quality especially with thin walled designs in PLA."
Marcus van Emmerik, lecturer, Fontys University of Applied Sciences.

"The Laboratory of Food Process Engineering aims at finding processes that are significantly more sustainable, producing products that combine excellent taste with better nutrition. We investigate 3D food printing as a novel promising technology for fabrication of foods. The Focus 3D Printer assists us in developing novel food concepts such as texturized plant-based products that have added value beyond existing products."
Maarten Schutyser, Associate Professor, Food Process Engineering - Wageningen University

"The Focus is a very approachable and easy to use 3D printer, which gives our students of Food Commerce and Technology the capability to research the potential of 3D food printing for diverse companies."
Malou Bakuwel, lecturer, Inholland University of Applied Sciences.

In The Box

  • byFlow Focus 3D printer
  • Paste printhead
  • Paste syringe (Food safe)
  • High accuracy nozzle (Food safe)
  • 300g of Ceramic powder
  • Quick start guide

Technical Specifications Back to top

No. of HeadsInterchangeable FDM & Paste heads
Nozzle Diameter (mm)0.4 mm (Filament), 0.3 - 1.6 mm (paste)
Build Volume W x D x H (mm) // W x D x H (inch)208 x 228 x 150 mm // 8.19 x 8.98 x 5.91 inch
Printing Temperature280 °C
Proprietary filamentNo
Printing TechnologyFused Filament Fabrication
Filament Diameter (mm)1.75 mm
Weight8 kg
Material typePlastic filaments, biorubber, metal clays, silicones, ceramics, food (even chocolate)
Special FeaturesPaste extrusion, Manual Z adjustment during printing
Heated BedUp to 80 °C
Build PlateGlass
Platform LevellingNone
Layer Thickness (microns)50 - 300 microns
Advertised Manufacturer Speed (mm/s)30 - 60 mm/s
Dimensions440 x 325 x 110 mm (in case), 440 x 325 x 460 mm (unfolded)
Slicing SoftwareSlic3r, Simplify3D
File Input FormatSTL, OBJ
Software CompatibilityWindows, Mac, Linux