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About WASP

The WASP project was started in 2012 with the goal of bringing industrial printing to the common man. Now with its highly succesful range of 3D printers and with iMakr's assistance, WASP is making their dream a reality.

WASP is most recognized for its commitment to sustainability and its large projects toward bettering the well-being for all mankind. They invest revenues from all sales into their research for fast and eco-friendly production of 3D printed houses. Today, they own title of the largest and the fastest 3D printers in the world.

WASP currently has developing projects in the Housing, Food, Energy, Ceramics, Education, and Medical fields.

"We are dreamers.

We are manufacturers.

We are makers.

We start from 3D printing to save the world."

DeltaWASP Ceramic 3D Printing


Full Wasp 3D Printing Range

The DeltaWASP offers FDM printing in a variety of different sizes. The WASProject originally had the vison of bringing industrial 3D printing to wider public. With iMakr, you can find the full range of the DeltaWASP 3D printers with different attributes ranging from turbo speed to clay extruders. The clay extruder is compatible with the every DeltaWASP 3D printers.

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DeltaWasp 3MT


The DeltaWASP 3MT is the first of its kind, ideal for multiple, large and elaborate prints in a relatively quick time. 

Key Features:

  • Large prints: 1000mm in diameter by 1200mm height
  • Fast: Large scale prints without the sacrifice of time
  • Versatile: Can print materials from PLA, concrete or clay
  • Multi-tool compatibility

DeltaWasp 3MT Industrial


The DeltaWASP 3MT Industrial gives big printing a new meaning. With new technology and size, you have the opportunity for huge prints in advanced materials in a quick amount of time.

Key Features:

  • Big: Fully enclosed build space with a 1000mm diameter and cylindrical height of 900mm 
  • Fast: Print at some of the highest speeds in FDM printing
  • Versatile: Multi-tool compatible
  • Control: Separate control stand and WiFi module

Core Extruders for the 3MT and the 3MT Industrial

SPITFIRE EXTRUSION SYSTEM: For fine and high precision prints. Uses plastic filaments with a standard 1.2mm diameter, compatible with 0.4mm and 0.7mm diameter nozzles.

PELLET EXTRUSION SYSTEM: Fast and robust prints using pellet plastic polymers(Recommended pellets normally used in the injection moulding industry). Standard 3.5 mm diameter nozzle

FLUID-DENSE EXTRUDER: Extruder for semi-fluid materials gives shape to ceramic, paper clay, etc.

MILLING TOOL: Tool for CNC milling of Aluminium, Wood, Plastics, etc.

DeltaWasp 20 40 Turbo2


The fastest 3D printer in the world, the DeltaWASP 20 40 Turbo2, is a powerful and versatile 3D printer you need for everyday.

Key Features:

  • Fast: printing speed of 500 mm/s and a travel speed of 1000mm/s with single extruder
  • High temp: prints material up to 350°C
  • Versatile: prints a large variety of technical material
  • Compatible with Clay extrusion kit and 2 optional extruders


With Red Spitfire Extruder:

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With ZEN Dual Extruder:

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Completely transform your ceramic making with technology that creates complex designs not possible with manual methods. 

2040 Clay

The WASP 2040 Clay Printer is a compact and professional tool for 3D printing any material or design in ceramics.

  • Accurate and fast when using all materials
  • Innovative air pressure control system
  • Sliding-system on bearings for steady and reliable printing

40100 Clay

The WASP 40100 Clay Printer takes ceramic 3D printing to a whole new level. Versatile and practical, this machine is highly recommended for anyone in large ceramic 3D printing.

  • Massive build volume of Ø400mm ✕ 1000mm
  • Some of the most precise LDM technology on the market
  • Allows for continuous printing possibilities 

DeltaWasp Clay Extruder Kit


The perfect duo: The DeltaWASP clay extruder kit uniquely allow for precise prints in clay and other fluid-dense materials.


  • DeltaWASP 20 40
  • DeltaWASP 40 70
  • DeltaWASP 60 100

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DeltaWasp 40 70


The DeltaWASP 40 70 is ideal for product designer, prop maker or engineer interested in fast prototyping of large products

Key Features:

  • Versatile: use with clay extruder and print with fluid-dense materials
  • Smart: Complete with WASP's resurrection system
  • Practical: build plate offers amazing value for volume

DeltaWasp 40 70 Industrial


The DeltaWasp 40x70 Industrial is a professional printer a number of advanced features that make printing in technical materials

Key Features:

  • Fast: Print at some of the highest speeds in FDM printing
  • Big Prints: Print range of 40cm in diameter and 70cm height 
  • Industrial Grade:Full metal body with enclosed 
  • Smart: Air filtration, filament detection and resurrection system

DeltaWASP 60 100


The DeltaWASP 60 100 is a professional, reliable, and accurate 3D printer ideal for companies which need rapid prototyping and product development

Key Features:

  • Big:Ability to print large projects in a 600mm x 1000 mm build space
  • Versatile:Interchangeable extruders
  • Smart:Equipped with resurrection system

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Additional Accessories


Use with: DeltaWASP 2040 Turbo2, DeltaWASP 4070 Industrial

For fine and high-precision prints using plastic filament. Standard 1.2 mm steel nozzle and compatible with 0.4 and 0.7 steel nozzle


Use with: DeltaWASP 2040, DeltaWASP 4070, DeltaWASP 60100;

For fine and high-precision prints using plastic filament. Standard 1.2 mm steel nozzle and compatible with 0.4 and 0.7 steel nozzle


Use with: DeltaWASP 2040 Turbo2, DeltaWASP 4070 Industrial

Use for a faster and cleaner print. Features a filament driver fro 1.75mm filament and2 LT cartridges with 0.4mm steel nozzle.


Use with: DeltaWASP 2040, DeltaWASP 4070, DeltaWASP 60100

For fluid-dense materials and ceramic materials. Stainless steel 1mm nozzle designed to eliminate bubbles

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