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iMakr Events: Exploring Bio-printing of Human Cells on the Rokit Invivo

  • Date: Wednesday 1 of August 2018 at 17:30
  • Location: Plexal, Here East, 14 E Bay Ln, London E20 3BS, United Kingdom
  • Person(s): iMakr and KCL
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We are very excited and delighted to share how our iMakr bio-engineer is utilizing and developing the incredible abilities of bio-printing and how it is revolutionising the medical field.

Join us on the 1 August, at 17:30 at our iMakr Showroom in Plexal, 14 East Bay Lane, London E20 3BS, United Kingdom

Join us for an explorative look into our involvement with bioprinting of human osteosarcoma cells on the Rokit Invivo and our process and findings behind it

The Rokit Invivo is the world\'s most modernised and innovative Hybrid Bio 3D printer on the market. With it, users can design and produce intricate 3D cellular structures, like scaffolding, in compatible materials like Synthetic Polymers, Bio-inks, Hydrogels, and Powder Mixtures. This machine\'s capabilities are highly sought after in Bio-engineering, Biophotonics, and other Bio-science industries. 
Our team is in the process of testing and assesing the biocompatibility of various created materials to be a successful bio-ink formulation for the bioprinting printing process. Marjorie Dufaud, iMakr bio-engineer, is testing with PLA, PCL, and if time permits, a hydrogel formula to be encapsulated with human osteosarcoma cells. Special thanks to Professor Lucy Di Silvio and Dr. Trevor Coward at Kings College London. 

Bioprinting is revolutionising so many sectors across the medical and engineering fields. From printing living tissue to bone, 3D bioprinting is proving itself of becoming a prominent face in the world of tailored-made treatments. 

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