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STARTT New Build Issues
 STARTT   Started by Ian Lewis   2017-06-04 12:25:35 +01:00   Comments: 3    Viewed: 1683

  1. Ian Lewis
    Ian Lewis Member

    Just built my STARTT and I have a couple of issues that probably have been addressed before, but I cant find the answers!

    1. The printer homes Z okay, but then when it moves prior to printing, Z misses steps and the head ends up way off Z height.  Is there a way to adjust the motor current on the Melzi or another solution?

    2. The bed seems too far forwards.  I know the screws are offset and I have swapped the 'longer' end to the back, but I still seem to be too far forwards to the point where the pre-sliced files on the SD fall off the back.  Any ideas?

    Ian Lewis, 2017-06-04 12:25:35 +01:00
  2. Jack Keum
    Jack Keum Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Ian,

    1. Try to loosen up the screws on the brass metal on the printed parts. If you have some machanical oil you can apply some on it for smoother Z movement. 
    2. Not too sure what you mean by this. A picture please?

    Jack Keum, 2017-06-06 18:06:18 +01:00

  3. Replying to 2) Any chance that you have the two bearings lined up on the same side as the end-stop micro-switch? There should only be one
    Basil Stpehens, 2017-06-07 19:48:41 +01:00
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