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Startt: Build Issues
 STARTT   Started by Alan Cox   2017-06-11 15:39:21 +01:00   Comments: 6    Viewed: 2308

  1. Alan Cox
    Alan Cox Member
    Hi All,

    I received my STARTT printer earlier this week and just got round to putting it together today. I have ran into 2 issues so far and so I have paused building the remainder.

    Issue 1: Left Carriage (Screw rod)
    The screw rod that is supposed to go into the left carriage is extremely tight (yes, it is the correct rod). the Right carriage screws up and down very smoothly, however the left side is extremely tight, like the thread is to small inside the carriage. I have tried swappingt rods form either side and it is only the left side that has the issue. I can not see the motors being able to raise the print head up and down with it being this tight. (Image attached)

    ISsue 2: Right Carriage (Smooth Rod)
    The smooth rod on the right carriage is quite tight/sticking and does not slide smoothly. Instead it has a rather juddery motion when you try to slide the axis up and down... any suggestion or will this need replacing? it appears to be the bearings inside. (image attached).

    Can someone at iMaker please advise? at this point I can not proceed with the remainder of the build.

    Kind regards,

    Alan Cox, 2017-06-11 15:39:21 +01:00
    Attached files : IMG_5761.JPGIMG_5762.JPG
  2. Alan Cox
    Alan Cox Member
    i have completed the build of the printer now.

    as expected, the left carriage does not function correctly due to the screw thread being to tight on the left carriage. the rod does not screw smoothly resulting in the left motor to jam and the Y Axis goes crooked.

    Am I able to get a replacement part?
    Alan Cox, 2017-06-11 20:35:28 +01:00
    Attached files : IMG_5761.jpg
  3. Jack Keum
    Jack Keum Moderator Staff Member
    Hi Alan,

    Could you please send a ticket about your issue to support@imakr.com please? Someone would be able to help you from there.

    Jack Keum, 2017-06-12 12:02:59 +01:00
  4. Alan Cox
    Alan Cox Member
    Thanks Jack, I sent through an email last night shortly after I posted on here. Not had a response yet.

    Kind regards,

    Alan Cox, 2017-06-12 15:40:20 +01:00
  5. Alan Cox
    Alan Cox Member
    Hi Jack,

    Just want to say a huge thanks! 

    My printer is now up and running and the iMakr team in the London office were very helpful and friendly.

    Excellent customer service :) and thoughly impressed with the initial prints from the STARTT (Print attached of Groot - printed at 0.2 medium settings. will be trying finer tonight)


    Kind regards,
    Alan Cox, 2017-06-15 15:19:50 +01:00
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    Attached files : IMG_5788.JPGIMG_5789.JPG
  6. Jack Keum
    Jack Keum Moderator Staff Member
    Awesome print Alan! We are happy to have another successful Startt owner and can't wait to see more prints like this! ;)
    Jack Keum, 2017-06-15 16:57:47 +01:00
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