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Updated replacement parts?
 STARTT   Started by Al   2017-06-27 19:27:46 +01:00   Comments: 9    Viewed: 1244

  1. Al
    Al Member Rockland, ME
    Will it be possible to buy just the new injection molded parts & upgraded power supply for the STARRT Printer? 
    I was one of the first release buyers (rec. 3/16/17), so I'm just past the 90-day warranty... I believe the next shipment
    is due in a week or two? Are they sending any replacement parts for stock (boards, power supplies, etc.)?

    I've emailed a couple times last week, but no reply...


    Al, 2017-06-27 19:27:46 +01:00
  2. Norm Huntley
    Norm Huntley Member
    I bought a 10 amp power supply and a V6 hot end for both of my printers from Amazon
    Norm Huntley, 2017-06-27 20:48:56 +01:00
  3. Al
    Al Member Rockland, ME
    I have a bench power supply I've been using, as the original one was getting hotter than I like. i've also been experimenting with different size nozzles & print speeds to work out the best quality.
      I got an email recently about the improved version coming & am debating getting another one, but I'd like to upgrade my existing one if the parts are available.
      At this price, they are usable light printers. You can have several of them doing print runs of small parts, & it doesn't tie up your primary machine.

    Al, 2017-06-27 23:38:30 +01:00
  4. Al
    Al Member Rockland, ME
    Does anyone know if the upgraded printers have even been delivered yet? They where sceduled for release on June 17th, but the sale page still lists a 2 week lead time & no updated info...

    Al, 2017-07-12 19:35:38 +01:00
  5. Al
    Al Member Rockland, ME
    So... We're headed into August, no updates or replies to emails about the new starrt, and mine is officialy buggy enough now to warrant a complete rebuilt.  I had hoped the upgrades would make the printer a truly viable option. Unfortunately, the burn-out rate is simply to high. 

    I'm giving up on the starrt as an affordable backup. It's roughly the same cost to buy some 2020 & an electronics set off ebay, then build from scratch, for a larger, more solid unit. 
    I'll be using the good parts from the starrt, tossing the melzi, frame, & PS, & rebuilding on an aluminum P3 frame with twice the print size, & a modular Ramps kit & heated bed.

    I've had some positives come out of dealing with this thing though... I do like Cura, which I had never tried before. I'll continue using it for the foreseable future. iMaker has also introduced me to some excellent (meaning $$$$) new printing filaments that have opened up several new options in R&D. The carbon-fiber & aramid filaments alone are a godsend, & the new rubber type compounds are very cool.

    Al, 2017-07-26 20:55:17 +01:00
  6. Jack Keum
    Jack Keum Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Al,

    I am sorry to hear that you're disassembling the Startt printer. This printer is meant for beginner who wants to get themself into 3D printing. We chose to introduce this small sized machine because it will not overwhelm most of the beginner therefore if you're looking for an affordable backup the Startt might not be the best choice. 

    As for the injection moulded parts it only come with the future batches of Startts, if you like to replace these for your current Startt you could drop me an email at jack@imakr.com and we will discuss from there, only if you're intending to give the Startt another chance. 

    Jack Keum, 2017-08-02 15:33:49 +01:00
  7. Norm Huntley
    Norm Huntley Member
    I bought 2 of the Startt printers and had some problems with breaking on the cast part but some CA glue they where like new, I also printed other parts, I bought the printers for my grandchildern to learn about 3D printing.Had some things that needed to be replaced and iMakr replaced them, I never had a 3d printer before and I am in awe of what they can do. For 40 years I have owned and operated CNC and Automatic Welders but we never had a much fun as we are having now.  thanks Norm
    Norm Huntley, 2017-08-02 17:51:19 +01:00
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  8. I've just ordered mine on Tuesday 1st August. Does that mean the new parts come with my order?
    Kristopher Blair, 2017-08-05 20:28:57 +01:00
  9. Aside from the assembling guide supplied by iMakr, is there a detailed parts list with a diagram showing sizes and specs of parts, so it will be easier for those of us who this is our first printer, and need to find replacement parts for things we screw up or break?

    Belt length and pitch?
    Pnumatic fitting sizes?
    PTFE tube size?
    Bearing sizes?
    Motor specs?
    Board specs?
    Pulley types (such as GT2 ) on X and Y and how many teeth they have (16 ?) etc.

    Any part that can be replaced or upgraded, etc............

    Michael Fuselier, 2017-10-11 03:58:58 +01:00
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