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Temperature display shows dec.
 STARTT   Started by Sebastian Groth   2017-08-05 17:50:28 +01:00   Comments: 9    Viewed: 1629

  1. Hi, 
    Im new to 3d printing and the startt is not so bad.
    Until now it printed very good but sometimes after it heats to round about 160-170°C it just shows dec and it starts to print.
    The temperatur is not even close to 200°C or so.
    After reseting it works again until it heats to 160-170°C.
    I have to leave it for 5-10 min and then it suddenly works again.
    It's very anoying and I want to know if it is a bug in the firmware or in the hardware.
    Can someone help me?
    Sebastian Groth, 2017-08-05 17:50:28 +01:00
  2. Chirag Shah
    Chirag Shah Member
    I'm new to this and just finished assembling. I plug in the printer to power and unplug from power as there is no switch for this. The printer starts and when I go into settings to preheat pla, the temperature decreases and says dec / 190. I switched the two red cables in the third from top green pins on the board. When the dec shows up, there is a red light, but when dec does not show up, there is no red light on the board. Here are uploaded photos/video of what I'm saying: https://goo.gl/photos/qKZ4GzFhJ3A2qDAVA

    If someone can help, I'd be grateful. Thank you!
    Chirag Shah, 2017-08-08 03:53:01 +01:00
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  3. Graham3D
    Graham3D Member London
    I have the same problem dec/190 & the red light.
    I cannot wait 4 months for an answer. How do you solve it? (Please)
    Graham3D, 2017-12-11 13:27:10 +00:00
  4. Don't you hate intermittent problems! A couple things come to mind. The wiring on the board has the big red and black power wires on the top green connector with the middle green connector empty. On other printers that would be for the hotbed. The bottom green connector is for the extruder heater cartridge. The very bottom connector marked etemp is for the white extruder temperature sensor cable. There is a small glass temperature sensor pushed into a hole it the heater block next to the heater cartridge at the bottom of the extruder. This can get quite hot and takes a while to cool so be careful. It is easy to burn your fingers. I have seen times on other printers where the wires come loose and make an intermittent connection at the splice close to the block and give these kinds of errors. A bad crimp in the connector that plugs in can cause problems also. (like crimped on insulation instead of wire) The second from the bottom connector marked btemp should be empty. Again this would be for the hotbed temperature sensor on a different printer. Hope that helps.
    Robert Emerson, 2017-12-16 22:08:33 +00:00
  5. Hello, my printer starts printing and and a while later the extruder temperature starts dropping and a 'dec' message appears at the bed temperature. i checked my wiring so i dont know what is wrong.
    thank you in advance
    Maria stamatopoulou, 2018-06-07 15:24:10 +01:00
  6. Norm Huntley
    Norm Huntley Member
    Make sure that everything is tight at the hot end that the wires are secure
    Norm Huntley, 2018-06-08 17:27:48 +01:00
  7. Mohan hathi
    Mohan hathi Member
    Hi Everyone,

    I called iMakr about this "dec" problem. They say it means "heater decoupled" and is a software override/protection feature. Basically, the error happens when you are trying to heat the extruder during the cooldown process. For example, after you print a file the extruder begins to cool down. If you try to heat it up agin immediately you'll most likely get the "dec" error.

    To prevent this, you should only re-heat your printer after it has cooled down to 30 celcuis or below
    Mohan hathi, 2018-07-09 11:45:46 +01:00
  8. I had this problem early on, but that was due to a few errors and failed prints, then trying to start again way too soon, so clearly in the cooldown period as Mohan mentions.

    But of late this week I have had this error come back, after a summer of fantastic prints, it just doesn't want to know. I have also emailed support, but if anyone else has any idea why my hot end is topping out at 180 degrees with the fan on 35% then decoupling I'd love to know! The decouple error also happens when the heat block cannot raise a whole degree in 15 seconds, again a safety feature, it cuts out as there's clearly something wrong. Very annoying when a new filament came in I was eager to get playing with laid down two perfect layers and then couldn't hold temperature. No point increasing the temp settings if the hot end isn't even getting hot.
    Verity Gregory, 2018-10-04 08:24:37 +01:00
  9. Hi again folks, I had a bit of a breakthrough tonight that may be good to add to your troubleshooting steps for this problem! I was resigned that I’d have to buy a new hot end after talking to support, but I tried one last thing before I stumped up the cash.

    I took my hot end apart, took the heat block off the heat sink and with the TINY Alan key loosened the teeeeeeeny hole by the nozzle. I took out the thermistor and noticed that the sensor for the block wasn’t as close to the block as it could be. So, reassembling the heat block I made sure to push the sensor a little further in the hole next to the thermistor and gave it a good tighten before putting back together. Ran a pre heat and lo and behold, it’s back up to 190 degrees in under two minutes!!! Happy maker tonight
    Verity Gregory, 2018-10-04 18:53:14 +01:00
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