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Upgraded STARTT 3D Printer
 STARTT   Started by Adam Carlson   2017-08-29 23:07:36 +01:00   Comments: 4    Viewed: 4557

  1. Adam Carlson
    Adam Carlson Member

    I have started the process of upgrading my little STARTT.  The key features that will be added are a heated bed, an increased build volume, and quick change head with a laser engraver option.  The overall build volume should be when finished 13" x 6" x 6.5".  I may be able to squeeze out another .5" in Y and Z axis travel.

    The pictures below show the start of this effort.  I purchased 400mm long linear guide shafts. to replace the original 235mm shafts.  This of course needed to have a new set of threadrods for it as well. 

    In this process, I have also been working to maximize the bed length.  The current  STARTT X axis has a lot more potential in it than is realized.  There is ~.3" lost at the endstop region because of the screw which protrudes and touches the linear guide block as well as the position of the limit switch.  At the other end ~.8" is lost due to the placement and size of the idler pulley.  In these pictures, you will see that I have replaced the idler pully bearing with an actual toothed pulley that is the correct size.  I also moved it from the inside of the bed to the outside of the bed.  I did not make it movable for a tensioning feature, but I added a sprung loaded belt tensioner.  I will yet remake the endstop holder to recover the ~.3" at the other end.

    There is a lot more yet to be done on this.  Clearance for the Y axis will need to be created in the frame.  This will be done with a little bit of filing.  The gantry and its associated brackets will be redesigned.  In place of the gantry Y axis linear guides being behind the Z, they will now be in front.  There will also be a riser block that will come off of the Y axis linear guide bearings.  This will serve two primary functions.  It will house the laser driver module as well as the mounting picatinny rail for the quick change head and it will provide the proper spacing to the center of the bed so that all 13" of travel can be used.


    (Sorry can't figure out how to rotate images so they display properly)

    Adam Carlson, 2017-08-29 23:07:36 +01:00
  2. Martin Kemp
    Martin Kemp Member

    Hi Adam,

     This looks great, have you seen the stuff Tim posted on his site? There is loads there including information from Jue Wei on increasing the bed size just by changing the endstop mounts etc. They have new mounts designed which might be useful for you.



    Look forward to hearing how you get on,

    Martin Kemp, 2017-08-31 15:12:28 +01:00
  3. Adam Carlson
    Adam Carlson Member

    Yes, I have seen the items that Tim had posted.  I references some of them in my effort, though have also designed it with my own flavor as well.  In the bed retrofit, I determined that it would be easier to change the way that the Y axis brackets were so that I could better center the bed, so I have design and printed new brackets for those.

    I was having issues with the printer connecting to the computer to be able to do a firmware update.  I was able to fix that tonight.  Now that I can do that, I am going to start playing with the settings in the EEPROM such that I can make the bed traverse the entire length.  Once that is done, I will rebuild the Y/Z axis.  I think that while I am doing it, I am going to look for some better couplers for the Z axis lead screws as these ones just do not really do the best job.

    All of this has been great learning, and is helping me get ready to build my next 3D printer which will be my own design.
    Adam Carlson, 2017-09-06 05:10:57 +01:00
  4. Adam Carlson
    Adam Carlson Member
    I have been able to connect and upgrade the firmware as well as set some new values in the EEPROM to let the bed travel much further.  I have also gone to the next axis to start its upgrade.  Here is the latest picture.  Slowly but surely making progress.

    Adam Carlson, 2017-09-16 03:02:34 +01:00
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