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 STARTT   Started by Koen Molemans   2017-12-15 07:20:37 +00:00   Comments: 7    Viewed: 1085


    I have build my imakr startt in our shed, as it,was easyer to place it there tjan in the house.
    However last night we where woke up by our neighbourd banging on our door.
    The shed was on fire....

    The FD came and put out the fire.
    The place of the origin of the fire was the place where the elecricity adapter of the printer was.

    As there where no other electrical appliances in the shed the fire must have originated from the adapter.
    This is also confirmed by one of the fire fighters that they are 90% sure that a shortcut in the adapter is the reason of the fire....

    Thx alot iMakr for ruining my day.
    Koen Molemans, 2017-12-15 07:20:38 +00:00
  2. Wei Liu
    Wei Liu Member
    Hi Koen,

    Thanks very much for letting us and everybody know about this incident immediately. We take this very seriously. This is the 2nd generation power brick for the Startt and is fully CE certified and to date, we've not heard of any problems with this adapter.

    We want to get in touch with you asap to understand the detail of how it happened.

    Best regards,
    COO, iMakr
    Wei Liu, 2017-12-15 14:12:56 +00:00
  3. I must say as unhappy i was with what happened, as happy i am for the help and support the people of iMakr gave me.
    Top service i must say.

    Thx Mr. Wei for the offered solutions

    Koen Molemans, 2017-12-20 13:50:00 +00:00
  4. Nick James
    Nick James Member
    A couple of lessons to be had here ...

    #1 Sheds are usually made of wood with plastic or tar paper roofing felt, wood burns rather well and tar felt even better. However you can treat the wood with a water based flame retardant, once done the surface will char but the wood won't burn. It's cheap compared to the loss of shed and contents.
    #2 Electrical items that are plugged in and not switched off are live, any fault (or just high load work) that makes them overheat gives you at least a puff of smoke or at worst enough heat to start a fire (see #1). Ideally disconnect when you leave them or have them on a non-flammable surface will away from any other material that can catch fire.

    Nick James, 2017-12-20 18:09:34 +00:00

  5. I do agree with you there.
    As we speek i am cleaning up and rebuilding, one of those retardants will be uses now for sure

    Disconecting a 3d printer or staying with it is not always possible (unless you only do very small prints)
    I do not think anyone stays with his printer when it is printing something that is going to take 15hours.
    the non flamable surface is something that is going to be added for sure in the rebuild

    But as said, the people of iMakr where very helpful, even more then i tought.
    Had some good communication with Mr. Wei about the matter.
    Just my bad luck i guess that something like this happend
    Koen Molemans, 2017-12-20 18:53:09 +00:00
  6. Nick James
    Nick James Member
    It doesn't take much for a PSU to go bad, just one bad solder joint stressing the circuit can do it. I think that you are right that it was just bad luck and I do feel very sympathetic (see below).
    Being able to get some help and support is one advantage of buying a printer from someone like imakr, you may well have got more for less on e-bay but getting any helpful response from an independent seller Shenzen in the PRC isn't really likely. The 'local' presence is quite an advantage and a real value addition.

    My 'shed' is 7 x 4 M's and there's over a ton of potential firewood in its construction not including the cedar shingle roof !!
    It could make a mammoth bonfire :) so has been treated. Anything electrical that is left on sits on metal plates, like the float chargers for the bikes, Li-Po batteries charge in specialist bags in case they go POOF!! well more woomph with Li-Po's. Hopefully the RCD breakers will also kick off
    And there will be a 3D printer in there somewhere too, and maybe the server PC driving it.
    The alarm also has a smoke detector so will royally annoy the neighbours if it goes off as well as texting me to tell me to start worrying.

    Life is full of risks, it's just trying to balance them .... LOL Wise words from one who has a WSB homologation race bike for road use
    Nick James, 2017-12-20 20:49:02 +00:00
  7. I'm approaching 500 hours since I had overhauled mags installed on my IO-520BB. I've recently had both mags serviced with new points, condensor and coils replaced, etc. I had heard that that the repetitive 500 inspections are no longer required. Can anyone please clarify? My bendix magneto are model number S6RN-1225. Part #10-349350-5.
    Vondes vondes, 2018-11-05 19:05:22 +00:00
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