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First Power-up, blank screen
 STARTT   Started by David Cowger   2018-01-04 04:17:30 +00:00   Comments: 11    Viewed: 1385

  1. David Cowger
    David Cowger Member
    Just finished the assembly of the Startt with no issues, however, when we first powered up, the lcd screen displays 2 rows of blocks, and nothing else. The cooling fan runs, and occasionally, a stepper motor clicks slightly. The printer is not detected by usb connection. Any ideas for troubleshooting?
    David Cowger, 2018-01-04 04:17:30 +00:00
  2. I am having the exact same problem. Did you ever get a fix. I'm awaiting support.
    Tim Sanderson, 2018-08-14 12:04:18 +01:00
  3. Bas Wels
    Bas Wels Member
    Me too, just finished the build with no issues but am getting this on start up. Any ideas on fixes?
    Bas Wels, 2018-08-14 21:57:22 +01:00

  4. I called support today and they indicated a faulty motherboard and a replacement is on the way.
    Tim Sanderson, 2018-08-14 22:01:01 +01:00
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  5. M Vermeij
    M Vermeij Member
    Just received my printer today, after 12 weeks waiting. I have built it carefully, started up....

    I seem to have te exact same issue. Lcd with only two blank lines, fan starts running immediately on start up. I will contact support, hope it gets fixed soon.
    M Vermeij, 2018-08-14 22:09:38 +01:00
  6. Bas Wels
    Bas Wels Member
    well this is disappointing.. I too waited for ~12 weeks! Calling support in the morning..
    Bas Wels, 2018-08-14 22:17:47 +01:00
  7. M Vermeij
    M Vermeij Member
    Just made another attempt at flashing the firmware. This time it did work and the printer starts.
    M Vermeij, 2018-08-14 23:14:27 +01:00
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  8. Bas Wels
    Bas Wels Member

    Dit you use the normal / official firmware?
    Bas Wels, 2018-08-15 08:17:43 +01:00
  9. M Vermeij
    M Vermeij Member
    I used the method and firmware described on the support site: https://www.imakr.com/eu/en/content/172-startt-sw

    I have printed some objects /eu/modules/xenforum/uploads/15679_1534449386_3d print.png

    Also I am now using Octoprint, which is very nice and works fine with this printer.

    I hope you also get this working.

    M Vermeij, 2018-08-16 20:57:46 +01:00
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    Attached files : 3d print.png
  10. Bas Wels
    Bas Wels Member
    Thanks, I also got work from imakr support that the firmware needs to be flashed (looks like they forgot to do this before shipping the boards). Will try tonight or tomorrow.
    Thanks for the octoprint tip! Looking forward to try it.
    Bas Wels, 2018-08-20 08:00:54 +01:00
  11. M Vermeij
    M Vermeij Member
    Good luck. After I got it working, it has been quite easy to get nice results, especially for the price.

    M Vermeij, 2018-08-20 10:52:22 +01:00
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