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New to Printing and printer
 STARTT   Started by John Goodsir   2018-01-10 15:39:10 +00:00   Comments: 7    Viewed: 1456

  1. John Goodsir
    John Goodsir Member
    I have just built my Startt printer. I believe I have connected all the leads correctly. When I select "HOME ALL" the X axis goes to the microswitch and switches off. If I disconnect the X motor lead it then goes to The Y microswitch and switches off ??
    Also when I try to upload the latest firmware it say's comunication error?

    Please can anyone suggest what’s wrong and how to fix it.
    John Goodsir, 2018-01-10 15:39:10 +00:00
  2. David Ruble
    David Ruble Member
    Hi John Sorry to hear but you seem to be having the same issues that I am. Tell it to go Home all and the Y Access goes so far and then just clicks a few times. If I look in the movement of the LCD it states that the Y endstop is disabled on mine.
    David Ruble, 2018-01-17 08:23:27 +00:00
  3. I'm not sure what you mean by "switches off". Do you mean the motor stops of the entire printer shuts down?

    You have probably already looked at this but check your wiring. It's easy to plug the wires in wrong. And instead of home all try homing each axis by itself. At least while troubleshooting. If a motor moves and then buzzes it may not be hitting the end switch or the switch is not plugged in correctly. And on the Z axis the lead screws sometimes bind up. The X axis is easy to see but the Y axis is kind of hidden. With the power off you can move things around and make sure the end switches click when they are activated.
    Robert Emerson, 2018-01-17 17:11:12 +00:00
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  5. Sam Tyler
    Sam Tyler Member
    I get the communication error when uploading the latest firmware.
    geometry dash
    Sam Tyler, 2019-05-06 03:02:42 +01:00
  6. Sunny yadav
    Sunny yadav Member
    Sunny yadav, 2019-06-05 12:46:55 +01:00
  7. Sunny yadav
    Sunny yadav Member
    Sunny yadav, 2019-06-05 12:47:05 +01:00
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