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X & Y Azis off.
 STARTT   Started by Michael Fuselier   2017-04-01 17:51:50 +01:00   Comments: 12    Viewed: 2667

  1. The "Home" command is supposed to put the head exactly over the front left corner of the bed right? I've been printing successfully for a few days now, but I am trying to print some larger prints now and they are shifted off the bed in the back and over too far to the left. So I got to thinking and realized it's either because my bed is over to the right and back to far, or my print head is over to the left and not far enough up front. My head goes home and it's a good cm to the left of the edge of my print bed and back a good cm from the front of the board as well. Which do I move, the print head or the bed and how?
    Michael Fuselier, 2017-04-01 17:51:50 +01:00
  2. reddadsteve
    reddadsteve Member Flanders
    I don't have my STARTT yet, but my experience with my Flanshforge is that there is a firmware setting that defines the head offfests.  This then determines how the head is centered on the bed.  Once I get my machine, the first thing I'm going to dig into is the firmware settings for a better understanding of the machine.

    Do you know which firmware is being supplied with the STARTT and what revision you have?
    reddadsteve, 2017-04-04 22:13:52 +01:00
  3. When it boots it says: "XY-100+2_v1.1" on line 1, then "XY-100" on line 2, then "Repetier-0.91" on line 3 and lastly, "Tronxy 3D Printer" on line 4.

    Michael Fuselier, 2017-04-04 22:56:37 +01:00
  4. reddadsteve
    reddadsteve Member Flanders
    reddadsteve, 2017-04-05 01:37:12 +01:00
  5. reddadsteve
    reddadsteve Member Flanders
    Michael, sanity check first.  Did you change the bed size to 120x140?

    reddadsteve, 2017-04-05 01:59:41 +01:00
  6. reddadsteve
    reddadsteve Member Flanders
    Michael, Repetier-host is the software that gives you a window into the firmware parameters and is simple to use.  If you are having an actual problem with your prints not being centered in the middle of the bed, there are two parameters that you can change, x-offset and y-offset.  These parameters give you the option to alter the homing positions.
    Before you look at making any firmware changes, be sure that your bed parameters are correct in Cura (my previous messge) and that you actually started with your print object positioned properly in Cura before starting the job.
    reddadsteve, 2017-04-05 16:02:09 +01:00
  7. Thank you I will try looking for that and seeing if I can figure it out. I thought there might be a x and y offset somewhere that was configurable in the printer itself.
    Michael Fuselier, 2017-04-06 18:38:50 +01:00
  8. reddadsteve
    reddadsteve Member Flanders
    Micheal, I just built my printer and realized what your issue is all about.  Apparently the holes in the bed for the leveling screws are offset from the front and back edges differently.  You most likely simply have the bed attached backwards.  Just remove the bed and rotate it 180deg.  There is no mention of this in the documentation as far as I know.
    reddadsteve, 2017-04-21 04:09:28 +01:00
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  9. That is not it. The side which is shorter from the screw holes to the edge (24mm) is in the front, and the longer side from screw holes to edge (33.5mm) is in the back. Even like that with the bed all the way back my print head is a good 1/4 inch behind the edge of the bed. If I flip it around it would be more like a 1/2 inch. Also, the specs say the printer will print 120mm (width or x), 140mm (depth or y) and 130mm (height or z), but the clips that hold the bed to the print plate each take up about 10mm at the front and the back if you don't want the print head to hit them which leave exactly 120x120 or more like 118x118 if you want to leave a little space. If I tried to print a box that was 118x118mm and say 10mm high it would not print properly in the center of my bed. See pictures for example. 1  2 3

    Michael Fuselier, 2017-04-27 00:12:23 +01:00
  10. reddadsteve
    reddadsteve Member Flanders
    Now that I have my printer up and fully running, I agree with you.  The long end needs to be in the back but it's not enough to center the bed completely.  I've been trying to connect via USB to see if I can adjust the offsets in the firmware but am having no luck with USB connectivity at all.  I think it is some configuration problem in my Windows 10 setup for FTDI USB connectivity.  I'm looking to borrow another PC and will continue working on this.  Even if we have issues with the clips, the print should still be centered on the bed, matching the slicer.

    So, the two open issues that I'd like to get resolution on are:
    1)centering the print on the bed
    2)not requiring a power reset to be able to do two prints back to back.

    reddadsteve, 2017-04-27 03:23:57 +01:00
  11. OK, so I have figured out how to correct either incorrect instructions or improper design with no changes other than rearranging the parts. It's still not perfect but it's better. Ignore my naming of the parts, I likely am not calling them by the proper names, (bed plate = print plate) but I think you will understand when you see the pics. By flipping the bed mount plate over it moves the y rail mounts away from the y end switch and the print plate just far enough to the front of the printer to allow the print head to reach almost the full print plate. It also gets the y motor wires out of the way should you decide to upgrade to a larger bed as some have chosen to do. See the pics here.
    Michael Fuselier, 2017-05-03 02:29:28 +01:00
  12. Brett Kult
    Brett Kult Member
    I am having the same issue with my Y-axis. It is off 10mm towards the back of the bed. I confirmed this by running a test print and then measuring from the front of the bed to known point and from the back of the bed to known point. The X-axis seems to be good. I agree it is the firmware offset as X-axis is -10mm, but Y and Z are 0mm. Y-axis should be -10mm.
    Brett Kult, 2017-05-24 02:41:25 +01:00
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