Delta Wasp 3MT

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The Delta WASP 3MT is a step-up in high innovation 3D printing. Its multi-tool capabilities allow new access to personal large fabrication. Three interchangeable tool heads include the possibility to print ceramic mixes,concretes, geopolymers and allows for the production of CNC milled parts. FREE installation and training is provided with every 3MT purchased.

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iMakr Verdict
The 3MT is transforming the way we perceive printing. We see this machine as a revolutionary tool that gives users the freedom to express their imagination. It is loaded with a larger print nozzle and giant print bed, enabling you to produce immense structures relatively quickly. 

The 3MT’s phenomenal steel body required minimal levelling and its effortless pellet extruder grants you with limitless possibilities to design. This giant device has landed itself in the world of groundbreaking technology and for the first time a single machine can print large, elaborate models out of multiple materials ranging from PLA to concrete. 

WASP are extremely proud of their new line of printers for producing large scale objects, usable in everyday life. This phenomenal printer that uses 10kg of material in just 8 hours. You can now develop your own personalised objects with low cost. 

Amazing Printing Volume of 1000mm in diameter by 1200mm height.


Our pellet extruder allows you to print raw polymeric materials such as pellets, opening to a new idea of ecological production


Our extruder for semi-fluid materials gives shape to concrete, porcelain but also geoplymers a structural material for sustainable architecture


The milling machine, a must-have in every crafts lab, can be put in the system giving you great new possibilities of creation


A tool with the new extruder SPITFIRE. It doubles the printing speed – keeping a high quality of big size 3d printed objects

Large Scale Prints without the Sacrifice of Time.

Layer Thickness Ranges between 0.5mm - 2mm.

Nozzle Size is 3mm for faster output of material.

The high quality designed chair was printed in only 8 hours using a 4mm nozzle in diameter. Due to the newly developed raw material the cost is now significantly lower.

The 3MT also has an advanced clay extruder that enables 3D printing with clay or other fluid-dense materials. The options with this fantastic piece of equipment is also innumerable, but one of the most impressive models are certainly the personalised 3D head sculptures. This material is very high value compared to plastic. These kind of personal prints create an emotional connection with you and the product giving a remarkable feeling. Another benefit to the WASPclay is that they are more simple to print because they solidify at room temperature after being warmed and do not collapse or cause problems. An amazing tool to tailor your needs in a truly innovative fashion. 

A number of extra features can be added to the system to create even more possibilities. These features are the milling machine, fluid-dense extruder and pellet extruder.


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No. of Heads1
Nozzle Diameter (mm)3 mm
Build Volume W x D x H (mm) // W x D x H (inch)⌀1000 x 1200 mm
Printing Temperatureup to 240°C
Printing TechnologyFused Filament Fabrication
Proprietary filamentNo
Filament Diameter (mm)2-4 mm pellets
Weight170 kg
Material typePLA, PETG, Polystyrene
Special FeaturesResurrection system
Heated BedUp to 150 mm/s
Build PlateStainless steel
Layer Thickness (microns)500 - 2000 microns
Platform LevellingNo Levelling required
Advertised Manufacturer Speed (mm/s)Up to 150 mm/s
Dimensions2350 x 2100 x 3000 mm
ConnectivitySD Card, USB
Slicing SoftwareCura, Slic3r, Simplify3D
File Input FormatSTL / OBJ
Power Supply220 - 240v, 50-60Hz, 2600W
Software CompatibilityMAC, WINDOWS, Linux
XY Positioning Accuracy0.1 mm