3D Scanners by Application

3D scanners are becoming more advanced, affordable and accessible, which makes them extremely useful for an increasingly diverse range of applications. Discover here some of the industries currently utilising 3D scanning and our selection of scanners best suited for each application.

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3D Scanners by Application

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B9Creations | B9 Scan 350


The B9 Scan 350 from B9Creations has been specifically designed for scanning jewellery and small objects. Intuitive to use, details and intricate designs can be precisely captured within minutes.

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Shining3D AutoScan Inspec

Shining3D AutoScan Inspec innovatively integrates high accuracy 3D scanning and 3D inspection. It is a fully automatic desktop 3D inspection scanner which features intuitive user interface and AI intelligent scanning algorithm. 
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Shining3D AutoScan Sparkle

Shining3D Autoscan Sparkle 3D scanner has been exclusively designed to scan detailed jewellery pieces. Easily produce CAD/CAM files from 3D scans of your jewellery to save time and money in both design and production.
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EinScan Pro 2X 2020


The newest addition to the EinScan lineup, the EinScan Pro 2X 2020 handheld scanner is portable, lightweight, and versatile for ultra-high precision results. Ideal for scanning small to medium sized objects. 

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