3D PotterBot Micro 10

The 3D PotterBot Micro 10 is an entry-level 3D ceramic printer, fitted with high quality components in a small and affordable package. 

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The 3D PotterBot Micro 10 is an entry-level ceramic printer, featuring a maximum extruder capacity of 1000ml and an adjustable nozzle size between 3mm and 6mm. The 3D PotterBot Micro 10 is designed to provide you with excellent cost-to-performance, bringing your ceramic projects to life. Featuring a wireless full-web interface controlled over WiFi, you can now upload files and control your ceramic printer from multiple devices at the same time.

PotterBot Micro 10 Features

Comes with two 1000ml extruders

Direct extrusion technology for seamless extrusion of full-body clay

Set of 4 new and improved nozzles in a range of sizes, from 3, 4, 5, and 6mm, for improved performance

Maximum printing speed of 5.1 inches per second

Print envelope of 280 x 265 x 305 mm

Full control through web interface, no apps or software installation necessary. 


 Extruder Set


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