3D Printers

iMakr is proud to offer one of the widest ranges of additive manufacturing solutions in the world. Featuring globally recognised brands and the latest technology, you are guaranteed to find the ideal 3D printer to suit your industry or application.

Not sure which is the right solution for you? Speak with one of our advisors and let us help you to find the perfect machine for your application and budget.

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3D Printers

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The Delta Wasp Industrial X line places the focus on printing with industrial-quality filaments and features several enhancements for faster, stronger and more reliable 3D prints.

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EnvisionTEC - Xtreme 8K DLP

The Xtreme 8K DLP by EnvisionTEC is considered as one of the largest sized production-grade DLP 3D printers in the world. Because of its exceptional size, this 3D printer is able to print high quality and precise extensive prints at a rapid speed.

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3ntr A2v4

The A2v4 by 3ntr is the ultimate 3D printer for precise multi-material printing, in a larger production capacity. Available with either a two or three nozzle setup, the A2v4 is customisable to your printing needs. 

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Snapmaker 2.0 - 3-in-1 Printer

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One machine, Three functions, 3D Printing, CNC and Laser. The Snapmaker 2.0 is the ultimate desktop workshop. Available in three sizes, Snapmaker have designed the Snapmaker 2.0 to be easy to use for people of all levels giving you more time to make and less time setting up. You can use the 3-in-1 functions on a variety of materials to unleash your creativity.
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3D PotterBot Super 10


The PotterBot Super 10 features an even larger extruder capacity for bigger projects with continuous printing. 

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3D PotterBot Scara Elite


The 3D PotterBot Scara Elite is a super refined, extra large 3D ceramic printer, capable of non-stop simultaneous printing of multiple large projects. 

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TPM3D S Series S320HT

The S320HT SLS printer is the most advance offering from TPM3D\'s S Series. Thanks to the ability to print at high temperatures of up to 350°C, the S320HT is more than capable of producing parts out of true engineering materials such as PEEK. This industrial SLS machine is perfect for a range of applications including; rapid prototyping, educational and medical.

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Sinterit Professional Printing Set

Take your 3D printing and post-processing operation to the next level with the Sinterit Professional Printing Set. This set includes: Sinterit Lisa Pro 3D printer, Sinterit platform, Dedicated powder tools, ATEX vacuum cleaner, Powder Handling Station, Sinterit XL Sandblaster, Sinterit Studio advanced software.
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Apium M220 Medical 3D Printer

Apium M220 is the first 3D printer specially designed to manufacture medical products and implants made from PEEK. Produce patient specific implants and prosthetics at a reduced cost without effecting the biocompatibility and sterilisation of PEEK.
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Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K

Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K combines a large scale print area with impressive detail and accuracy. Easily print your creations in amazing 8K resolution and capture even the smallest details of your design.

Coming October 2021

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HBD-350 Metal 3D Printer

The HBD-350 is a Selective Laser Melting machine (SLM) that produces high quality, metal parts. It comes as a complete solution with many supporting accessories. Contact iMakr to find out how we can tailor your HBD-350 solution for you.
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HBD-500 Metal 3D Printer

The HBD-500 is a large format Selective Laser Melting machine (SLM). It comes as a complete solution with many supporting accessories, giving you everything you will need to produce high quality end use metal parts. Contact iMakr to find out how we can tailor your HBD-500 for you.

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TPM3D S Series S600DL

The S600DL SLS printer from TPM3D\'s S Series is the largest offering in their S Series range. At an impressive 600 x 600 x 800mm build volume. Produce parts easily in a variety of high performing engineering materials. Featuring two lasers, you can produce parts much faster and with no limitation of geometric design.
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TPM3D S Series S480

The S480 SLS printer from TPM3D\'s S Series features a high scanning speed with a large formatting space. Take full advantage of the larger build volume with a higher scanning speed and create larger parts quickly and easily in a variety of high performance materials.
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TPM3D S Series S360

The S360 SLS printer from TPM3D\'s S Series features a build unit size of 360 x 360 x 600mm. The TPM3D S range of industrial SLS 3D printers have been developed with Stratasys technical experts and optimised for use with industrial applications.
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