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Unlock the true potential of your FDM 3D printer with the Mosaic Palette+, the four colour filament splicer. The Palette+ is capable of combining multiple materials in one print.

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iMakr's Verdict
Once calibrated the Mosaic Palette+ is an impressive addition to many FDM printers, allowing you to print your object in up to 4 colours/materials. The Palette uses a range of sensors and proprietory software to achieve this, splicing 4 filaments together to create a single filament that feeds to the extruder. Printed parts are extremely impressive, with minimal bleeding between colours. The Palette is also a good experimental machine for combining different materials and colours, material melting temperatures must be similar as they will all be printed with the same material. The Palette+ can handle a range of materials including PLA, TPU (Flexible), PVA and PETG.

You can access the 'Palette Quick Start Guide' by clicking here.

Key Features
  • Compatible with printers that use Simplify3D or Cura, or that use .gcode or .x3g files.
  • Make parts with up to 4 colours or materials - these must all print at the same temperature.

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Filament Diameter (mm)1.75 mm
Printing TemperatureUp to 220°C
Material typePLA, PVA, TPU, PETG
Slicing SoftwareMosaic Chroma
File Input Format.Gcode, .X3G, .g3drem
Software CompatibilityWindows 7 or higher, OS X 10.8 or newer