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Detax specialises in high performance resins for use with SLA 3D printers. Their resins can be found in dental models, hearing aids and other medical devices.

Medical Material for 3D Printing

Detax resins material are CE certified and biocompatible for medical application. Detax offer a variety of formulations, colours and viscosities compatible with many SLA 3D printers. 

 Print Detax Resins for Precise Dental Application 

Freeprint® Cast

This material burns without leaving any residue in the mould. The low velocity approach allows for more efficient use of material and and makes it easier to clean. High process reliability and precision in construction can be expected with this red material.

Freeprint® Model T

This product is compatible with all LED/UV printers with a light spectrum of 378-388 nm. The light blue Freeprint®Model T has precision in construction, stability and tactility to meet the high demands of model fabrication.