EnvisionTEC | WIC 100 Series

The EnvisionTEC WIC 100 Series is a great resin to produce castables for jewellery production.


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The EnvisionTEC WIC 100 Series Resin

The EnvisionTEC WIC 100 Series has a 20% wax content. Because of this it is one of EnvisionTEC's most popular value material of castable materials. The resin is great for detailed and quickly printed parts, as well as standard wax burn-out with gypsum investment. The nano-wax melts away first during the burn-out cycle, which allows the resin to burn off without excessive expansion.

Applications: Jewellery

Material Properties
ASTM MethodPropertyWIC 100
DIN 1342-2 Viscosity 4.200 cps
DIN EN ISO 527-1 Tensile Strength 14.8 MPa
DIN EN ISO 527-01 Elongation at Break 6.3%
DIN ISO 1183.1 Density 1.32 g/㎤
DIN EN ISO 868 Hardness Shore D 80 Shore
DIN 53765 Ignition Temperature 300° C

Data sheet

Tensile Strength
17.8 MPa
Shore Hardness
4.200 cps
Elongation at Break (%)

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