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ColorFabb XT 2.85mm

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Colorffabb XT-COPOLYESTER is high in strength and toughness, Odor Neutral processing, high Tg / improved temperature resistance, it is a Styrene free formulation, FDA food contact compliance, BPA (Bisphenol A ) free formulation.

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Excellent diameter tolerance - Colorfabb can guarantee 0,05mm +/- on both 2,85mm and 1,75mm colorFabb 3d printing filament, which means you can rest assured that your printer is extruding the exact amount of material.

Adviced 3d printing temperature: 

Adviced 3d print speed: 40 - 70 mm/s

Advised Heated bed: 60-70C

Build platform: For the latest release of XT (production date Februay 2014) we advice to print on a heated bed. If you’re using aluminum of glass as the build plate we advice using glue stick to make sure the first layer sticks well and keeps the part from warping. After printing, the build plate needs to cool down to about 20-30 C at which point you can remove the printed part.


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Filament Diameter (mm)2.85mm
Weight750g of filaments
Material typePET, Food Safe, Glass
Advertised Manufacturer MaterialcolorFabb XT-COPOLYESTER