TreeD Carbonium 1.75 mm
  • TreeD Carbonium 1.75 mm
  • TreeD Carbonium 1.75 mm

TreeD Carbonio 1.75 mm

Carbon Fiber Filament. Real fibers for real strength and feather-like lightness.

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  • Carbonium
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Only fibers are used, not powders for Carbonio (formerly known as Carbonium). Because it's not "Powder Carbon" but "Fiber Carbon"

100% tested and working. After months of development, Carbonio is ready to be printed and actually works.

It is ideal for high-end mechanical applications, thanks to its high tensile modulus.

Its very low hygroscopy means you DO NOT have to dry the filament anymore before using it.


Data sheet

Filament Diameter (mm)
750 g
Printing Temperature
230°C +10°-5°
Material type
Carbon Fiber / Nylon / Mechanical
Heated Platform
Print Speed Guideline
60 mm/s
Diameter Tolerance
+0.02 -0.03

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