> B9R-6-Gray Resin

B9R-6-Gray Resin

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This is a new, functional prototyping resin that is capable of maintaining surface quality despite its high build speeds. The material resembles ABS plastic and retains the print's shape during the curing process, producing industrial-level prints for many applications.

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The B9R-6-Gray resin is ideal for engineering projects requiring dimensional accuracy, temperature resistance, and high strength. This resin is capable of build speeds reaching 120+ mm per hour with detailed surface quality and maintaining your prints' shape during the curing process. It mechanical properties resembles that of ABS-plastic, making it a favorable material for applications containing snap fit and threaded holes. Pair it with one of our compatible SLA 3D printers for other applications like: 
Functional prototyping
Conceptual Modeling
Production Parts
Design Verification
Serial Production
Mass customization