> Nylforce Carbon Fiber 2.85mm

Nylforce Carbon Fiber 2.85mm

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Introducing FiberForce's Nylforce! This super tough filament has a combination of Nylon and Carbon Fiber giving it a tensile strength of 100 MPa!

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Density : 1,00 g/cm3

Melting point : 180°C 

Tensile Modulus : 6000 MPa 

Tensile Strength : 100 MPa 

Impact strength  : 60 kJ/m2

Ball indentation hardness : 110 MPa 

Heat deflection temp. HDT/A : 155°C 

Thermal expansion coefficient : 0,5 10-4/K

Max usage Temp. long term : 90-120°C 

Max usage Temp. short term :150°C 

Specific volume resistivity : 103 Ωm 

Flammability : HB 

Linear mould shrinkage : 0,3

Fiber Force

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ManufacturerFiber Force
Printing TechnologyFused Filament Fabrication
Filament Diameter (mm)2.85mm
Printing Temperature240°C
Material typeCarbon Fiber / Nylon / Mechanical
Nozzle Speed40mm/s

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